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In this video, i am sharing my thoughts on building MLM Business without showing materialistic stuff.

It’s a deep mindset lesson.

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Yashraj Jaiswal says:

Content is good 😉

Mahesh Sawant says:

💯 perfect truth!! 👍👍

robin jindal says:

Option no. 2 sir

Global Inspiration says:

Sir aap vo knowledge de rahe hai jisake bina jyadatar log confused rahate hai.
Real blueprint
Thanks sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Sandip Baidya says:

You are right Sir. Good content.

Swaraj Maan says:

Great vedio sir

Rahul Sarkar says:

Very good information sir I am doing mlm last 7 years still I am doing this using my bi cycle still now attracting people by showing metraliasting thing I don't like

Aruna's hub says:

Absolutely right
This business is perfectly set in terms of manufacturing,storing, quality control, employees etc..we just have to make a team of people who want to really grow

Viratian Niranjan says:

Content 100% agree with your thought sir

Shafquan Alam says:

Great session

ankit gupta says:


ankit gupta says:

Tarun sir every time practical thoughts makes him different from other leaders

Vikram Khandelwal says:

This is not only a video infact this is an anti-virus mindset which will protect every Network marketing professional from getting distracted from his/her track .

This is truly an amazing new-age mindset training ,which is going to be a " Refresh Button " for all of us ,whenever we get stuck.

Sir ,has beautifully and honestly explained such points which is so practical and most importantly, which people are actually facing right now and will be facing in the future .

Infact ,I would recommend, share this video as an anti-dote to all the people who are negative about Network marketing because he is talking some genuine stuff ,which no one can deny as it makes alot of sense.

Sir has shown the Actual picture of Network marketing but also gave us a perspective that how should we look at it and how to approach in a Right direction .

My Special advice : pls keep this video always downloaded somewhere, just don't be dependent on internet, if you feel to listen to him, again and again.

Thank you sir and we are so grateful to you for your selfless service for the Entire Industry .🙂

Shuvo Sarkhel says:

Thank you for sharing this video
Such a amazing video you describe in very beautiful way

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