AMAZING! Direct Sales Mom Shares Secrets To Getting It ALL DONE!

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Close to learn all my secrets to lead generating!! Check it out now!

For this video, I know, the topic doesn’t make sense. But it’s my simple tip to booking lots of appointments to have success without begging people to have parties for you.

Michelle Cunningham teaches network marketers around the world how to successfully build their business through Facebook parties, home parties and using the power of video. She has been dubbed “The Queen of Video Branding for Direct Sellers” and teaches others how to “Own Your Awesome” online to have massive impact and success.

Involved in the industry for over 16 years with the same company, Michelle has earned a six-figure income consistently and led a network marketing team that produced sales in the 8-figures through hosting home parties and Facebook parties. She is known for her playful and simple videos on Youtube and Facebook, which impacts tens of thousands of network marketers across the globe.

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Michelle Cunningham


Joanne Rosson says:

Michelle, I joined mk in June I have a 7 month old son and a 3 year old. I really love your training videos. your a inspiration!! sometimes I feel like I just waste so much time with laundry sweeping feeding the kids cleaning up after the kids making sure my husband has clean clothes for work and a clean towel when he gets off and trying to make my business a working successful business. I have my parties here at home so I don't have a babysitter or a vehicle right now either but I have a goal to have my first car by Christmas.! thanks for your videos!

rissaf89 says:

Perfect thanks so much!!!

Sarah L. Helms says:

OYG!!! LOVE IT!!! YES!!!

No More Funky Scent with Scentsy says:

Loving your insight and experience. It's so real! I'm wondering what software you use to "input customers orders in the computer" Thanks girl for all your videos!

Miriam Zainos says:

Wowww I love your videos, you inspiring me in my bussine MK Thank you,regards from Mexico.

J wolf says:

I would love to see your tips on how to work your business with a full time job and a little one 🙂

Tanya Shorter says:

Thank you for coming back.  You are AWESOME. I'll inbox you my personal comments on how much your mentorship means to me.

Bridget Bryan says:

Have to ask…how do you find help for your office? Do you use your high schoolers do some of your office work?

account closed says:

So good to see how many things you're comfortable delegating! Need to get over myself and find more help!

PinkPirate85 says:

Wondering how that looks on your taxes, as that they help with both home and office stuff?

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