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Megan Otten says:

So many people have approached me because I’m into fitness about weight loss. I exercise multiple times a week both cardio and weights. I am actually really good looking I don’t want your magic brew. I had to put “I will not join your MLM on my instagram.”

Megan Otten says:

Rodan and fields gave me a second degree allergic reaction on my face.

kdub8305 says:

I love this pixie cut on you!!!!!!!!?????

PFC Irish Goofy says:

You do monthly I do weekly. I’m going to sub because I love this anti-MLM videos

Windy Libby says:

I “by chance” came across this video in my feed (probably because I’ve been watching a lot of anti-mlm videos lately) and omg… you’re amazing! I was so disappointed when the video was over. And Sparrow (hope I spelled it right) is adorable btw!! ?

Arienel Sky says:

Holy crap , another groomer. I have my own grooming van. Been grooming for over a decade ?

Kitty Mervine says:

also ETSY is having a LOT of issues… with their new shipping policy and such….and they let people that are in MLMs sell on ETSY. Essential oils and such….because they are considered crafting supplies. I was "WHAT?" Everyone else has to sell items they have made themselves or that are over 20 years (so vintage). But MLM, sure just put those up. I felt really hurt as I work hard at my shop, selling quality items.

Kitty Mervine says:

oh no! I was at the Salvation Army, and sadly….two people were comparing having strokes. Then the man started telling this woman just recovering from her stroke, how Herbalife…..could help her. I was "OMG, he is trying to sell her his product and then telling her how she can make money despite her STROKE and being unable to walk much… make money while you recover!" I wanted to hit him, really. Instead I felt sorry for him as he's old. Nope I turn my back and his pinches my ass. I told the manager there, I know them all that work there, and they kicked him out. I made sure she knew, she should talk to her physician before taking ANY supplements. Poor woman is still half out of it from her stroke, and he was taking advantage of her. ALSO I LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER'S NAME! I have a family member that named her girls all bird names, and Wren and Sparrow are two. Raven and Robin are her twins!

Cara Matocha says:

the blimp crash is not funny someone could of been hurt

Cassie Smith says:

You look like an irl Disney princess

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