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Let me ask a simple question? Which or what is the biggest business community in India? Give this a careful bit of thinking. Would you be surprised, if I say that it is the farming community?
The farmer makes great investments to till the land, to fertilise the soil, to buy seeds and sow crops and then finally harvest the produce. Like a business entrepreneur, the farmer too makes investments, and like an entrepreneur the farmer also hopes to make profits.
But farming is seen as a loss making venture. An average Indian farmer only earns Rs 1 lakh per year. That is not even enough to take care of the investments that a farmer makes, let alone think about profits. And then one has to deal with erratic weather events like unseasonal and excess rain, hailstorms and drought. Therefore 65% of India is struggling. Therefore 65% Indian entrepreneurs are making losses.
Is there a solution to this problem? Down To Earth met Aparna Rajagopal, an organic farmer and entrepreneur, who thinks that just growing food is not enough for a farmer to make profits. Farming can only be profitable, if there is value addition to the produce and sell it directly to the consumer.


Sindhu Sudhan says:

These are the real heroes

Chetan Shankarnag says:

How can we meet u i am intrested in waiting for the reply

imtiyaz Qureshi says:

Masha Allah most inspiring lady to gave upportunity for employment May Allah bless u mam

Aryan Sena says:

Where is your farm mam.want to visit

Jamal M. Ashraff says:

Absolutely impressive. Any words of appreciation is an understatement. You are a champion and a legend for ages to come.

Kahkashan Naseem says:

Salute to your enthusiasm and noble ideas


Mam good evening pls give me number I want to purchase seeds

Paresh Rukhana says:

Liiked ur concept of value addition.wud like to knw more abt it

Renu Jagasia says:

Fantastic job.

Nafis Mubashir says:

if india goes on like this india will not be laughing stock like america when it prospers

hari das says:

Politicians send money abroad with the connivance of security ,judicial ,banking channels from these rich hard working community,ensuring that they remain below povertyline,make them ,compel to beg for the same their own funds from abroad as aids,charity.Unfortunate.

Ratna Shree Yoga says:

I have started In England this year during lockdown, never bought any vegetables since then, even my friends and colleagues had lots free veg. Apart from this there is so much pride and fun. Now I am ready for winter with lots of veg in store 🤗 this experience changed my life completely, in India I think people should understand it’s importance more as concrete culture is growing rapidly there.

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