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How to Set Up a Direct Sales Company. Part of the series: Small Business Tips. Set up a direct sales company by considering sales experience, determining how attractive you are as a sales person, thinking [More]
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5 Tips to Launch Your Direct Sales Business (Direct Sales Tips for Network Marketers) Here are the 5 tips to help you launch your Direct Sales Business online. When you start with these 5 Direct [More]
I was interviewed in the Wall Street Journal and a Washington D.C. magazine, and what they write about Network Marketing is very confusing. From someone who’s been in it for 32 years and made millions, [More]
ENROLL AS AN ARTIST HERE SHOP MASKCARA BEAUTY HERE Hey bold babe! I’ve been asked this question a couple times.. “what do you actually do?” or “how does Maskcara fit into your lifestyle?” [More]
No, I am not switching businesses, but as a business coach and mentor, this is something that people struggle with a LOT and build it up in their head to be a huge deal, when [More]
This video explains how to use Instagram for your Direct sales business! Use these tips and tricks to stay consistent and relevant for your followers. I truly LOVE what I do! I have built a [More]
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#ANTIMLM Hello Angels, Today’s video is another Anti MLMer reacts video! Here we debunk crazy MLMer posts, laugh about it, talk, and have a good time here on my channel! Thank you all so much [More]
The way India does Direct Selling will change forever on 22nd November, 2020. Be a part of the new revolution and share it among your groups because if you come ALONE, you will LEARN and [More]
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Today I wanted to talk about Color Street, and mlm company that sells nail strips, and how it may not be what you think! Most people like Color Street because of it’s unique product and [More]
Welcome to Day 1 of my Party Like a Rockstar training! This training is designed to help you book parties, get organized in your business and learn how to use video to make an impact! [More] to learn all my secrets to lead generating!! Check it out now! For this video, I know, the topic doesn’t make sense. But it’s my simple tip to booking lots of appointments to have [More]
Consolidate your client relationship efforts using the FREE version of Asana. You can go as in-depth as I have or keep it simple, but getting a handle on how you maintain your client relationships is [More]
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