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After a successful re-branding and launch of FOX59 in Indianapolis in 2012, Tribune Creative West was invited to create both the official logo, and develop a distinctive visual identity for the new CBS4 Indy. This was a tall order, as the station had only four months from project inception – to the launch date of January 1st, 2015.

As WTTV launched as Central Indiana’s new CBS network affiliate and local news presence, entirely original visual branding was designed and introduced that included graphic and animation design, and an all- new studio environment for local news. The goal was to bring the station an exciting and vibrant on-air presentation, supported by clearly defined brand guidelines for all design and motion graphic work, keeping quality and clarity as the most important parameter. The resulting new look brings a distinctive and state-of-the-art visual experience to Indianapolis television viewers, helping to make the station instantly competitive against competition established for decades.

Launching CBS4 Indianapolis was a unique and rare experience. It allowed Tribune’s West Coast creative team to be truly original in providing a completely turn-key production package. The team set a dramatic color palette of blue and orange as a foundation, combined with elaborate 3-D design elements. The design team found inspiration from the ethos of the Indy’s many roadway circles, which dovetailed nicely with the rounded CBS “Eye” logo. This provided the basis for a visual environment which promotes quality storytelling features in news – and drove the creation of a tailored, graphically rich motion graphic animation system that mixed photography and adaptive design elements. The resulting work offers fresh and beautifully detailed look that includes a clean and versatile lower-third system with a full-functioning ticker solution.

The complete new CBS4 set designed and built by BDI, offers a beautifully detailed glass anchor desk, fully electronic background displays, and a weather presentation area utilizing a bank of nine flat-screen monitors, a departure from traditional “green screen” technology.

For that, TCW was inspired by the trending web & mobile user experience which incorporates unique weather templates that have second- screen applicability.

CBS4 Indianapolis is now live, on-air with an entirely original new design presentation, and is setting a new standard for local news production in Indianapolis.

Tribune Creative West Team:
EVP Marketing/Creative Services: Marshall Hites
Mgr, Marketing & Branding: John Lovelace
Art Director Marketing/Creative Services: Estella Medina
Associate Art Director: Nelly Achkhen Sarkissian
Senior Designer: Batcha Ahamed
Freelance Artist: Sally Lok
Dir, VizRT Operations: Nick Lucin
VizRT Designer: Charles Henderson
Graphic Artist: Terrence Eisenhower
Senior Producer/Writer: Doug Hague
Producer/Writer: Kenneth Johnson


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