Celebs Involved With MLMs | Multi Level Mondays

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Welcome to Multi Level Mondays, a weekly series all about multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes.

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Isabel Dutta

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G. Thomas Craig

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Alisa Burdick says:

Have you done an MLM on Lia Sophia? I'm curious.

cascabel says:

After the panoramic, can something be added to R!TGO events referencing Alexa Vega's YoungLiving stuff? Essential oils do usually come in little glass vials.

Kira bloodgood says:

I don't know if it's happening to anyone else but some of the video is missing the screenshots and quotes.

Homeless Crime Network says:

51 yr old. Learned the word influencer today. Had no clue Social Media paid people. Vlog? MLM? Great. I show up when the robbing ends and help begins.

Brenna Bx says:

I remember the whole Nikkie and YL thing! People were so angry and skeptical when she apologized, since YL is so big so she must've heard of it. People apparently keep forgetting that Nikkie's Dutch. We don't have that many MLMs here, at least not back then.

Daniel Vecchi says:

Don’t get sucked into Amway they are worse than Dracula trying to suck blood out of your neck they will suck you dry of any financial agenda you contain stay way from them and they have David Waco religious structure.

Proxima888 says:

Very interesting video, as are all of them. This particular one has a bit of problem with some of the captions.

Eric's side chick says:

My mamaw has sold avon for years. She has a huge customer base and makes pretty good money

Butts McGee says:

nooooo alexa vega, don't sell mlms i loved you in repo

Lilithe Aislin says:

It's awesome that you have Purple as a sponsor now! I have had a purple for at least 4 years and it has been the best mattress I have ever had by far. It sounds stupid to say it changed my life, but their mattress kind of did for me. I used to wake up sore every morning because I am a side sleeper and my hips and shoulders would hurt so I would sleep in weird ways that weren't good for my body just to deal with those pressure points so I would be sore no matter what. The only time I wake up with aches and pains now is when I stay the night somewhere else, haha. So I can personally vouch for them being that good. <3

Michael Parry says:

Essential oils shouldn't be smelled let alone consumed.

Brandy Baker says:

Bill Clinton will do anything for a buck.

Sarah C says:

Hilarious how many idiots fell for this shit when I was in high school.

Tamikko Beasty says:

Celebrities don’t own themselves.

TitanWar93 says:

I remember this one wrestler who attempted to create his own MLM, many wrestling fans may know who he is, it was called Global Force Gold. I have no idea what the purpose of this "business" was, all I know from Global Force was wrestling. I am a fan of AEW.

Lori Biddle says:

How does the sponsor make shaving "fun," exactly? 😆

11luluk says:

Ana Maria Braga is in this list?? Really?? I'd never… she's huge here, works in the biggest conglomerate of media from south America and one of the biggest in the world… Why?

WhichStitchWitch says:

Have you done Creative Memories? Super big MLM when I was in elementary school, I had a teacher have us all use it for class scrap books

Angel Darling says:

PLEASE DO JEUNESSE someone i know recently joined and idk how to tell them its a scam :((

Anna W says:

I wonder how much Tori Spelling makes to shill Nu Skin…. She says it’s the lip gloss but unless they contain fillers I doubt it 🤣🙄

nettuhkore says:

Crazy how there's an ad in here for Purple Mattresses. One of their warehouse just opened up in my area and they fired me after six weeks of working there. Doesn't make it any better that I'm constantly getting bombarded with ads on Facebook and Instagram for mattresses… Sigh.

Lucy Cockle says:

Oh I'm so dumb I thought mlm was male loving males 🤦

OfficialMike Mike says:

50 cent on 21 blitz ad

Ether.net? says:

oh my god iuminati will take over :O

GiraffeLoverJen says:

I'd love to hear one of these about Reliv, a health and wellness MLM. One of their products is a horrible tasting vitamin powder drink mix made soy, containing dangerously high levels of estrogen.

Aundria Cooper Premo says:

I didn't know R&F was an MLM until this year! I just remembered them from Proactive solution back in the day.

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