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“Chewing the Cud: Memories from Hereford’s Old Livestock Market” is a Catcher Media Social CIC project supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, together with Herefordshire Council’s Museum Service, Cargill Community Partnership and the NFUM Community Giving Fund, and the kind assistance of Hereford Market Auctioneers, Herefordshire Council’s Archive Service, Hereford Cattle Society and Herefordshire Lore.

Chewing the Cud was made with the help of trainees who were developing their film-making and oral history interviewing skills on the project. They helped to devise the script, direct and edit the final film.

The film have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International License 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND) which means you can download the film and share it with others, as long as full credit is given to all the project partners as stated at the beginning and ending of the film. This license also means the film can’t be changed or used commercially. For more info check the Creative Commons website:…

DVDs are still available. Check details at:…

Upload your livestock market memories, photos and video at:

Julia Goldsmith – Producer
Rick Goldsmith – Director & Film-making Mentor
Jo Henshaw – Project Manager
Marsha O’Mahony – Interviewer & Oral History Mentor

Graham Baker
Noel, Becky, Charlotte & Henry Benbow
John Bishop
Russell Breese
Audrey Browne
Marilyn Butt
Dora & Wendy Davies
Matt Davies Mackintosh
Julian Gallimore
Jean Goode
John Harris
Stephen Hill
Richard Hyde
Ken & Daisy Jones
Heather Knight
John Lewis Davies
Rosemary Lillico
Mike & Elizabeth Patrick
Mike Phillips
Ian Price
Philip Price
Cecil Pritchard
David Probert
George (Eddie) Rumsey
Dennis Schiavon
Gerald Skyrme
Geoff Turbutt
John Vaughan
David Whitehead


Thanks to

Chris Adcocks – Old Hereford Pics
Derek Barnes
Shirley Collins
Jo Comino & Naomi Vera Sanso – Borderlines Film Festival
Grace Davies
Sophie Elliott and Patrick Baxter – Redwood Consulting
Derek Foxton
Sir Ben Gill
Rhys Griffiths – Herefordshire Council’s Archive Service,
Richard Hyde, Mike Price and Hayley Reynolds
and all the staff at Hereford Market Auctioneers & the new livestock market
Keith James
David Jones
Tracey Jones
Bill Laws & Eileen Klotz – Herefordshire Lore
Ann McNally
Hannah McSherry – Herefordshire Council
Kerry Mills – Sir Robert McAlpine
Anthony Osborne – Hereford Sixth Form College
Mike Parfitt
David Prothero and staff from Hereford Cattle Society
Dominic Quigley – Earl Mortimer College, Leominster
Lou Robson – Heritage Lottery Fund
Dave Tristram – Herefordshire Council and HVOSS

Photographic Credits

Derek Evans Archive – courtesy of Keith James
Derek Foxton Archive
including images from Basil Butcher, Mike Charity, Peter Norman, Tony Williams (courtesy of Maureen Beacham)
Derek Foxton
Herefordshire Archive Service

With other images from

Derek Barnes
© Chris Chapman 1976
Donovan C. Wilson – courtesy of Keith James, Graham Wilson, Jean Goode
Pam & Reg Dudman
Ken Grant
With contributions from
Matt Davies Mackintosh
Julian Gallimore
Herefordshire Museum Service
Rosemary Lillico
Ken & Daisy Jones
Sally Newcomb
George Rumsey

Copyright of individual photographs remains with the owner

Archive Film
Courtesy of Hereford Cattle Society

Gill Bullock
Clare de la Torre
Bethany Fitter
Teresa Flanagan
Abbey Kaye
Rosemary Lillico
Julie Orton Davies
Christine Patrick
Emma Roberts
Liam Rushton
Tilly Stanik

Nick Duffy

Innes Jones

Additional cinematography & editing
Neil Oseman

Take One Project – Take One Glass Plate Negative of the Old Livestock Market
Siriol Collins – Museum Learning Officer, Herefordshire Council
Ben Moule – Curator of Take One
Carolyn Olney – Museum educator


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