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Hey guys
Here’s another video from my latest series: Conversations from multi-level marketing meetings I hope it makes you laugh.

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Manjula H says:

You're so talented bro😍❤️

Prarthana R says:

Diamond blocks 😂😂😂

Amaresh.S. Echanal says:

In every video…at the last he just 👌#bevarsi kudka#

Quick Indian Recipes says:

Well it depends. There are a few legitimate ones too. The ones I'm talking about can't be a scam because they literally sell everyday use products (from household products to skincare to food items) which are priced the same as products available in the market.

Only difference being that the wholesalers are cut out so you get to make more money by promoting. Also they require ₹0 investment. I've come across 3-4 such companies so I'm sure that not all of them are scams

Prakar Murthy says:

Thu bevarsi kudka yella videonalli idde iruthe …😂


That's Amway company😂.

shashikumar g Dodmani says:

I remembered ebiz

lalitachaitu says:

Reported as amway is not a scam.

John Peter says:

It's good fun. But It's too short can you make longer one Bro

iam you says:


Poornima A says:

How can you be soooo awesome at what you do Danish? It's just mind boggling 😃✨👌🙏 You are simply superb!

Anjali Vijaykumar says:

Stinks illa spinx adhu.. nim baayi stink aakthiradhu…😂😂😂😂

subhash bb says:

pyramid scheme is a tax on people who don't know math.

Mahantesh Mallanagouda says:

I always eagerly wait him to say, "thu bevarsi kudka"🤣

Vineeth Niranjan says:

You should do John Oliver like show with Indian stirues

D J says:

Bro ur going good… Try to market Ur videos, ul soon catch up with bhuvan bam…. U are awesome talent… Love from Hubli huduga😜

Sree Harsha says:

Dedicated to all ebizers …..btw I was one of them but turned out to be a victim at last n thank God atleast now I'm aware…

vishnu says:


Liton ! says:

Mein conference mein tha Didi😂😂

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