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Hello Angels,
Today’s video is another Anti MLMer reacts video! Here we debunk crazy MLMer posts, laugh about it, talk, and have a good time here on my channel! Thank you all so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe and SHARE this video with someone!


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-Isabella Lanter


Isabella Lanter says:

HEY QUEENNSSSS!!! I hope you all are having an amazing day! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of today’s video!!!

Heather Clark says:

Monat distributor says she's an independent contractor but a business owner…huh? 🤦‍♀️

Jessica Pfuhl says:

Actually lots of indecent contractors are really their own business – for example, I’m a consultant, QuickBooks Pro & mentor. My client contract Me to provide them a service – but I am in fact, my own business. I mean, I certainly get your point! Do not get me wrong! And I am totally not disagreeing with anything else….

What this is with Monat and others…. they are almost free labor, unpaid employees/ as they have ridiculous requirements without any certain payment…. so signing such a contract to promote a product and buy products without any guaranteed pay- well, just listen to how ridiculous that sounds.
No business owner – Independent contractor would agree to such.

It’s crazy how off balance their mindsets really are. Yuck

Kareim M. Abbouda says:

5:20 As a rule, MLM products cannot be either exclusive or highly rated in their ingredients merely because the cost structure has to fill in the commission gaps allocated to the pyramid scheme payout. So, products HAVE to be, as a rule, cheap, highly available and in so easily replaceable, so they perform the only aspect of the business which is to pay off reps up the pyramid. They expend an exorbitant amount of energy in hype and allow those reps to make any claims so as to perform its only marketing effort and maintain a cult of need despite their products being of less importance than the continuous buying by those whose mindset is geared towards, the fallacious, "business opportunity".

Stories with Sloane says:

If hard work was all it took, 99% of people wouldn't be breaking even and/or losing money! I can't stand the whole "we tell you exactly what to do" argument. Virtually anyone can do what you do– and work their tail off– and still be in the 99%. And a large social media following is hugely beneficial…who are they kidding when they say it doesn't matter?!

Stories with Sloane says:

The difference between most people sharing what they love and MLM'ers is the vested interest. If I share a restaurant I love, I'm not getting paid to do so. I don't get anything if somebody sees my positive review and goes to the restaurant. I'm sharing it because I genuinely love it, not because I'm getting anything from it!

lilly lazer says:

Love your videos

Julia Spraggs says:

Say okay one more time…….. 😩🙈🤪

KOLi ViBES says:

LOL the compensation plan that your own company says 99% of ppl will NEVER BE COMPENSATED! LOL Dear Monat Reps: Girrrrl, I feel like y'all need to watch y'all's vids back BEFORE y'all post bc y'all aren't making sense! LOL 🙄👏🏻👌🏻

KOLi ViBES says:

Wait, what? You say side hustle right after you say you have to work hard??? I'm confused and apparently, she is too! 😆

KOLi ViBES says:

When this chick said something about ppl just not being "informed", I literally LedOL!! It's like, no ma'am, the reason I DON'T want to join "your business" and/or hear about this "opportunity" is bc I AM INFORMED! I'm informed by YOUR "company/MLM" that there's a 99% chance that I WILL FAIL! Maybe she should pull her head out of Monat's (the nat part is so fitting bc they remind me of those little nats that can drive you cray cray! 💯) @$$, then she could get informed herself! Sorry, I usually don't like to personally attack someone but the level of BS is BEYOND appalling and pred@tory! The fact that these ppl wake up in the morning and look at how much money they made "while they were sleeping", knowing that other ppl are losing money and are desperate to try anything to take care of their families, is absolutely DISGUSTING! It's actually evil, IMO!

Brittney K says:

YES, YES, YES! You are SO right about ALL the higher up's buying the new products to promote. THAT'S WHY IT SELLS OUT FAST. Not your average Jane or Joe goes to an MLM to buy products.

ettoilemagik says:

Thanks for the vid!
It's so funny to see the hunbots struggle more and more over time to defend "their business" and make people think that it's actually a "great opportunity." And since they don't know the definition of half the technical words they are using, for example the lady here, their speech is just nonsense and it's really funny (sadly) 😂

Erika Pernot says:

Did you see Monat's latest product launch?! It's like the second coming of Arbonne 🤣🤣🤣
Great video as always, Isabella! Love seeing your face pop up in my notifications 🥰

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