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MLM/Pyramic Schemes/Chain Marketing is active again and taking benefit of lockdown crisis. Be alert.

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Lakshay Chaudhary says:

AFFILIATE MARKETING AS WELL Bs naam modern hai kaam wahi hai 🌝
My instagram: @Lakshay

Rohit Behera008 says:

Aur ek mene khudse gand mara ya bewakoof bangeya multiproduct ke naam ka ek recharge plane app tha wanha pe 699 pe 7 months ka jio ka recharge hota tha to mene join kar liya 2 months recharge huaa aur nehihuaa Aur bad me patachala ke company fraud hai 😭😭😭 es liye jitne bhi lml promote balo ko dekta hu to bahad gussa 😈😈 aata hai

TRG々 DarthVadr says:

Bhai 15k Comments Hogye 😂😂

Aman Sharma says:

Thank-you lakshay bhai for such a great video.


Bhai waf entrepreneurs krkd iqbaal Singh ka kuch hai bhai woh unn logo ne mere dost ko dhngse brainwash krdiya hai 30000 bhi leliye aur woh abhi bhi nhi sanjhra main baat hai yh ko forever living krkr koi company hai videshi hii aur yh itni buri trh brain wash krte h ki woh mera dost na maa baap ki sunra na kisiki

Prince pratap says:

Bhai 15k hogyea

Harsh Bhati says:

15 k comments toh hogye bhai ab part 2 b daaldo 😂🤣

Narender Singh says:

15 k complete

Raj Ks says:

Lakshya bhai fortuner kareedana hai mera business partner banjao.. fortuner kya lund(car company hai) ka car kareed sakthe ho😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Sambhav Golechha says:

15k Comments Done.
Need 2nd Part!!!

Sharif Bachcha YT says:

Happy birthday lakshay bhai

Kryptoxx says:

Let me tell you what they'll do and what they say when you ask about the work.
First they will take 15-30 thousand Rs from you to invest then they will give you products like aloe vera gel, face scrub cosmetics and some ayurvedic shit then they will tell you to sell these products at higher price and make money and there head will tell you that work hard sell more and earn,then after 2 months we will promote you and then people will work under you so purchase and sell, you will be promoted .
I actually fell for this shit but in the end I didn't gave them 30000 Rs so I'm glad now😂.
Guys stay safe from covid and from these guys too!

Tushar Gupta says:


photopedia__10__ says:

Bhaiya Mera ek dost bhi yhe chod krta hai

Nakul Sejwal says:

15k comments hogye part 2 abhi daal de

भगवा धारी says:

Itne earning kab tak ho jayge ki black colour ki fortuner aa Jay .

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