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Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness & Don’t Hate, Educate.
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*These videos are published for educational purposes. All opinions are my own, everything I say in these videos are just that, my opinion. Please do not send any hate to anyone involved in MLM’s, instead in an assertive, polite and caring manner try to help them see the light. Not all people in MLM’s are bad. Manipulation and lying to get ahead however, is bad. Everything shared is protected under fair use.

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Regina Lorca says:

why do they say…you don't have time? well that's I lie! when I started… I had 99 babies and was studying 5 carriers and was working 34500 hours a week!
I don't have to have the time because you did! Are we the same person? I don't care if you had it, that is YOU!

J says:

Hi my name is Jade, I subscribed the other day. Girl you are brilliant ! Love your attitude- strong minded and entertaining. Respect. Keep going. You are a reporter ! I’d listen to any coverage/ investigating you’d do.

Jessie Caitlyn says:

it's so funny to me that they get angry at these "excuses" (they're reasons, lets be real) and give them insane workarounds like new credit cards and selling your worldly possessions like….girl, they HAVE the money, the time, and the contacts, they just DON'T WANT TO DO IT AND ARE TRYING TO LET YOU DOWN GENTLY. instead of taking a hint they record themselves flying off the handle, it's psycho cult behavior. also how is she gonna be like "it's not about SELLING we don't SELL" while the rest of them are on tiktok hopping out of their caddy saying "i sell shampoo!!" anyway, has anyone told you you look like alicia banit? you're so pretty!!

Briana Acosta says:

I spent a good amount of my tax return that I got from the beginning of this to join monat and I was broke most of 2019 and 2020. It was waste of money and I regretted it deeply for months. These women in mlms apply true statements to faulty situations (monat and other mlms being faulty in this case)

Ilse de Mucha says:

Sales is SUCH a stressful job, I hate how much they downplay it. I worked in travel sales for a year and although the commission potential was incredible, no amount of money is worth the stress of sales for me. I hate how much they pretend like selling stuff is easy.

Ana Maria Berni says:

A client of mine buyed Beachbody supplies. I explained to her they were a MLM, also that the products theyre not good for her health. She show me the bills…molly…she used to pay 150$ per month for one bag of protein. INSANE ! She has cancelled her membership after our talk 👏😍

Kristy Russell says:

Omg! When people tell me how busy they are, especially when I don't ask…🙄 like I don't care! 😂

Steph R says:

Yeah maybe they are fucken excuses because we don’t want to fucken join your stupid MLM!! If we really wanted to there wouldn’t be any excuses we would just do it!! What do these people not get!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏼

MaybeBaby95 MaybeBaby95 says:

I feel like you’d kill it as a realtor 👍 💰

Kira Goodale says:

When I almost got scammed in to Arbonne, my recruiter was like "SELL ANYTHING, sell your old iphone, sneakers, whatever you can to buy the start up package!!" she was BOMBARDING me. it was insane, she was so manipulating. I'm so glad that I stopped way early and realized how brain washing and manipulative these MLM huns are. she targeted me when I was feeling low mentally, and literally told me to cut off my family and move out. lol. my intuition spoke the truth!

Juliet Sherriff says:

They try so hard to discredit these excuses, not realizing that people probably feel more polite giving a made up reason, rather than just saying a direct no.

Heather Clark says:

Absolutely love that hoodie on you 💜

B. T. says:


Kaitlyn_Christine says:

I get Starbucks every day 😂👀 also she is def a “pick me” girl lol

mforall1 says:

Advising people to recruit their coworkers is dangerous. One of my uncles got fired from his day job trying to get people in line with his "business".

Evangeline Montoya says:

Ask the one recruiting you to borrow the money 😂


So true man I was saying the same thing as you were saying it! 1. What world do you live in? Most people aren’t buying star bucks everyday.. or going to brunch everyday. Open your eyes! Use a credit card 😡 Dumbest financial advice ever but then again your trying to get someone to join your MLM which is also the worst financial advice ever. The IG following pisses me off so bad I see so many MLM girls who have 20-30 thousands followers & it’s all MLMers! Take a look at there engagement & you’ll see getting a hundred likes on your posts/ pictures while having 30 thousands followers.. 🤔 somethings up. They also buy followers.. which is BS.

Vanesa Cunningham says:

CC it’s Vanesa I’m taking a social media break from IG. But I have some good content for youuuu when I’m back on.

Kayla Marie says:

I still can't wrap my mind around the concept of MLM. So… You work for a cosmetics company. But your job is to recruit other people to recruit other people? Like…. What is the actual job description??

Are you a recruiter who recruits recruiters? …It's just such nonsense!

thehibernatingturtle says:

This girl reminds me of the lady who weirdly followed me around in a Dollarama before trying to pitch her "online business" to me.
I don't know you.
Take your Amway and go away.

Nekisha Brown-Jolie says:

I love your hoodie 🥰

Shar Aziz says:

Love how they talk about "we're not selling, this isn't sales" but when they're doing a "training" they talk to their people about how to "close the sale" insert dopey face emoji

darienne dykes says:

That hoodie is everything🖤

Olulah Ullah says:

Cute hoodie..where's it from ? Damn girl you look fab in everything…love ya xx

Lils Love says:

I love your videos and how sarcastic you are about the MLM garbage. I am curious about the farmers market you were talking about though, I’m in Tampa too (Citrus Park area).

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