Facebook Page, Profile or Group – Which is Best for Network Marketing Success?

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Facebook Page, Profile or Group – Which is Best for Network Marketing Success? *** Start Here ⇒ https://www.clkmg.com/FrazerBrookes/dontmissout

Do you want to build a big Network Marketing business using Facebook, but you’re not too sure whether you should start with a personal Facebook profile, a business page, a Group… or even all three?

If that is you, then this video will shed some light on the differences and the best way to leverage Facebook for your MLM business.

In fact, if you are currently using Facebook to recruit people into your Network Marketing business, this video can literally save you countless hours of ineffective and useless strategies that most Network Marketing professionals are applying right now on Social Media (with little or no success!).

One of the questions I get asked more often by my Inner Circle members is: Frazer, do I need a Facebook Page, Profile or Group (or all of them!) to build my Network Marketing business?

In this video I’m going to cover the Pros and Cons for each method and I’m also going to tell you which one is my favorite if you want to achieve Network Marketing success.

But first, remember that to be successful at Facebook for Network Marketing, you have to focus your content and marketing strategy towards an ultra specific audience.

When you do this, your message will truly resonate with your target audience, grabbing their interest and drawing them towards you… so they’ll want to learn more about you, your product, service or opportunity.

So, should you be using a Facebook Page, Profile or Group to build your Network Marketing business?

Watch this video until the end to find out and, if you want to discover the #1 way to build your Network Marketing business on Social Media, go to:


To watch again this video, click here: https://youtu.be/Y7nCI0uHL-s


Billie John says:

I have all three and it makes sense about the group, but what about keeping your personal page separate from the business page? I kind of wanted to keep them separate, but you are saying to mostly use the personal page?

Natural Hair Healing says:


imsaeedhb says:

Hey Mr. Brooks. I use facebook profile, but my stories in instagram are not synced with facebook stories.
Because of that thought I had to have a facebook page. But by watching your video, I don't know how to connect my facebook profile and instagram. Can you help me?

Arron Ryan says:

What a complete eye openers on how we should really be using our Facebook. Thanks for this fantastic content

Karin Jensen says:

☆☆☆☆☆ Frazer's content is absolutely the best!!! I always learn & get inspiration!!


I have 2 Havanese Grandpuppies ❤️🐾❤️🐾

Natalia Pizza says:

I love this video, thank you so much, It is absolutely amazing the way you share these things and how everyone can apply them. 🙌

sarah barratt says:

My partner has a 14 year old border collie called Max who comes to stay! 💙

Up close & personal With di bath body beauty says:

Awesome Frazer 🥰

Hayley Pickup says:

Love this. I’ve got a cockapoo ❤️

Sarah Prager says:

looks like the doggie needs to have its own show!

Rose Nelissen says:

I have a Golden Retriever and a rescue pup.

Marie-eve Levesque says:

Thanks Frazer👍always golden informations in your Videos.
Just received your 2 books. My mission to read it in my 2 weeks off.🤗

Lola Mercado says:

Such a good video. Shifted my focus to my profile after that Inner Circle call.

Fiona Robertson says:

Thank you so much Frazer . I will now be spending lots of time developing my profile 💪💪💪💪

Mullissa Caroline says:

I have a Siberian husky we rescued! She’s a stubborn girl 😂

Teigen Boulter says:

As always I've gotten so much from your videos Frazer! Appreciate you!!

Infinity Beauty Cosmetics says:

Great info as always definitely going to focus on my profile page more. Thank you Frazer

Carol van der Heever says:


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