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HELLOOOOOO. Today we are doing a team zoom call reaction on beachbody! I hope you enjoy.
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+ My video talking about an arbonne hun joining again after failing-
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+ My video exposing beachbody zoom call recruiting tactics= https://youtu.be/LMeKS71pGS0
+ My video talking about an instagram influencer getting emotional over anti-mlm-https://youtu.be/KNODWF6oDQ0
+ My video on MLM Monat hun using emotional sales tactics- https://youtu.be/pXO_sDvUD-U
+ My video talking about a MLM Monat hun acting out emotionally- https://youtu.be/rvw4NpmAlBU
+ My video about MLM huns getting too emotional- https://youtu.be/4JMhK6rPtsQ
+My video discussing arbonne’s NVP exposing income- https://youtu.be/2RzHJkhIvwA
+ My video talking about how arbonne blocked me from their group- https://youtu.be/dU9qV4u3UoI
+ My video exposing arbonne’s secret private facebook group- https://youtu.be/cuR8-csldos
+ My video talking all about my experience with Arbonne- https://www.youtube.com/watch?
+ My video exposing the worst MLM scammers and tactics- https://youtu.be/LPq4JLJR0m4


+ Camera used
Canon G7X II


Emily Fine says:

Omg HELLO. Long time no video friends. If you don’t follow me over on my socials you would not know that I moved out of state! It’s been a little crazy hence the disappearance.This video was actually recorded before I moved- I was just a little slow to editing and getting it up with everything going on. Now that I am finally settled, I will be back to being consistent again. Therefore, I am in the process of planning out my next video. I am debating between going straight back into another MLM video or perhaps a chit-chat catch up Q&A type of video.
What would you prefer?? Let me know!

xo emily

Mary says:

Its called priorities, you buffoons. Just because the money is there, I dont need to spend it on something Im not interested in, ignoring the fact that it's a scam.

Sarah Cook says:

Yayyy!! You're back!

Cheryl Carlysle says:

Also…if you expect to sell me on ANYTHING…the word is ESPECIALLY!!

A S says:

When will these people understand that when the vast majority of people say “I don’t have money/time” for an mlm, we are doing it so the Huns leave us alone 😂 honey I got money, just not for overpriced mlm shit that NO ONE needs

Cheryl Carlysle says:

Maybe…just maybe…they say these things because they are trying to be polite. Because they actually don’t want any part of your BULLSHIT PYRAMID SCHEME!!!

Kayla Marie says:

A lot of this stuff is just basic sales tactics. Anyone who works in sales will handle objections in similar ways. Everytime you call to buy a service or go to a furniture store or car dealership they're using the same tactics.

These girls unfortunately work for an MLM and everything they do seems shady. But tbh sales in general is all about convincing your client to buy despite their objection.

Sarah Beth Joslin says:

I love how they’re questioning doctors and automatically assuming they haven’t done their research on the brand 🤦🏼‍♀️

Martin Luther says:

I am not a human. Your greeting is non-humanphobic.

Joe Tancredi says:

Beach Body has the most over-priced products in the entire MLM industry! This is NOT a sustainable model for reliable income. The retention rate ( keeping customers month after month ) is so low which is why most customers and coaches quit very early in the game. Coaches know you'll be quitting soon which is why they try really hard and pressure you into buying a "BIG PACK" so they make the most money they can from you before you quit!!

Michelle Rants says:

Heaven forbid your funds be tied up buying formula and diapers. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ like what? Breaking down how someone else spends their money doesn't somehow justify you scamming them. You don't get to two anyone how to spend their money. 🥴🥴🥴

tiny crimester says:

yeah it should tell you about the level of expertise of these "coaches" that they think the only alternative to fast food is their overpriced garbage meal replacements. How about you just tell your fat ass clients to stop drowning their veggies in ranch dressing and that milkshakes are not smoothies.

Dana Rhodes says:

Is it me or do all these boss babes or whatever they are called they look board and just could careless. Or just not paying attention.

Jennifer B says:

“If you drink shakeology you won’t need a prenatal vitamin!” 🤦‍♀️🤬

dandy lion says:

I got here quick! The best way to describe these people is- predators. Their main goal is to manipulate and guilt you thus earning them income. Every strategy that chick brings up is a manipulative tactic to get you questioning yourself, feeling guilty, etc. My time and my money is my fucking business and I am not obligated to explain to ANYONE what I do with my time & money. My church friend joined beach body 🙄🙄🙄
Also, I might get those forever flowers for my mom for Christmas. I’ll try to remember to use your code!!! Love your vids!

Ana Jarquin says:

I watch Netflix and still manage to work out a couple of hours a day. There are are also tons of great free workouts on YouTube. It takes a couple of minutes to make my own natural smoothie…a frozen banana, strawberries, almond milk and some protein powder. 🤷‍♀️

Rachel Jimenez says:

Anyone else notice how she said “help me help you help me” ? Aka.. help me help you sign up to help me grow my down line 🙄

Darice J says:

Why is it your business if i eat McDonald's? Why is it your business if I have a minute to watch Netflix? What kind of life is that, working every minute of the day?

Thai Land says:

Hello 👋 I'm new here

Lorraine Decker says:

Why do they think it's okay to gatekeep Netflix?! Like back off hun I'm watching my show and I won't feel guilty about it!! So back off Brenda😡🥱

Chris Sabin says:

She mentioned college kids. Usually the on campus gym w/ classes are covered already with tuition.

Citizen of Corona says:

Also, I hate how they try to justify the cost of Shakeology. I used to get it and it is definitely NOT a meal replacement! It tastes nasty and it doesn't fill you up at all.

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