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PRESENTED BY: Todd Blecher, Communications/Social Media Director at Boeing
RECORDED AT:’s Crash Course conference in Austin, TX on May 10, 2012
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Below is live coverage from the presentation:

— “Why is Boeing using social media”?

— We are using it to raise brand awareness.

— “Text from Hillary” is based on a photo taken on a Boeing C-17.

— The founders road the wave of popularity to great success.

— Bruce Springsteen has E Street nation as a crowd engagement network.

— Bruce loves his audience. When performs he crowd surfs and chugs beers with fans.

— When you trust your fans that creates great word of mouth.

— Treat community members as partners.

— PR and marketing need to work together.

— One of the 787 test flights was flown in a pattern of the numbers 787 and the Boeing logo.

— This was not announced, but discovered on FlightAware.

— It got over 10,000 recommends online five days later, and got in the New York Times.


Q: Does Boeing do any outreach in the community or with education groups?

A: We do, but we need to do it more. We participate in STEM, but we haven’t a good job giving them access to more of our engineers.

Q: How do you determine what content is interesting to your audience?

A: They tell us. They like to see a lot of planes and pictures. One of the most successful post was a picture of a security dog in a seat on the 787. Earth day posts and working in developing countries are items we want to get out, but they get very little attention.


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