How to hold a FUN 30 LIVE Minute Party in Direct Sales

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Check out my team training on holding an online direct sales party with SUCCESS and BONDING!

A virtual party can be AMAZING and create a bonding experience similar to a home party, but there are tips and tricks to help with the success.
The goals of a party should be:
– help people have a unique and FUN online experience
– help the host get the biggest shopping spree possible
– build relationships with host and guests
– book at least TWO parties
– implant the idea of launching their own business

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For your hostess kit do you do full size or sample products?

Donna Guzikowski says:

Thank you so much for doing this . . I have probably a dumb question . . your hostess gift and your mystery gift . . are those samples you have in the bag or the organiza bag?

Rachael Towne says:

I forgot to say, another reason I create groups instead of events is because I can hand the group over to the hostess as her VIP group, should she join.

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