How Top Earners REALLY Recruit Into Their Network Marketing Downline

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In this episode, I talk about the truth behind how top earners succeed in network marketing. Instead of doing home parties and talking to their family & friends, the people who have grown their business quickly have their own products on the “front end” of their business. They don’t talk about their downline until someone buys from them.

The way you bring somebody into your downline, the way you sell somebody, often determines what they do afterwards. That’s true for any business, any product, any sale ever. So if one begs somebody into the downline, chances are they would beg them to do something afterwards.

This is what I found out – If I begged them to come and buy the product, I would beg them to go and continue to buy the product. If I wanted to stop that, I needed to stop begging people after they buy to continue to do things. I had to stop begging them to join or buy in the first place.

This changed everything for me!

And I started sitting down, I started realizing: “Wait a second, how are these guys actually recruiting?” Which ultimately brought me to the question: “Wait a second, what are the top earners actually doing to recruit? What are they doing to actually sell the product?”

I started looking around, and I freaked out. Almost none of them were doing home meetings, phone meetings, hotel meetings, going to malls. Almost none of them were doing that.

Instead of saying: “Come, join my downline,” they’re saying: “Hey, check out this cool little book I wrote.” Not that you need to go write a book, but that’s the principle. Stay tuned to know more.

Key Takeaways:

– They have small little products that they send people to (4:09)
– Want to change your business? Change your bait (5:54)
– You can use and sell secret MLM hacks, keep the money, and collect leads (6:34)
– Changing the bait, not just to attract people, but also to repel a certain type (9:14)
– When someone wants to join my downline, I wait for them to go through my funnels (12:02)
– Being good at causing value in the marketplace, giving free goodies, something that’s cheap… (13:48)

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Secret MLM Hacks says:

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Natasha Campbell says:

Oh my gosh I need this. I’m so fed up of people that aren’t really serious.

donblaze33 says:

Is this for real. I didn’t believe their was a heaven or hell but watching this shit is starting to change my mind.

All Nuts No Bolts says:

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Mesqo Music says:

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PreBuilt Downline says:

Thanks for the good ideas

PreBuilt Downline says:

Great idea. wow I'm glad I clicked on this. Thanks.

PreBuilt Downline says:

What your saying is intelligent, articulate and I very much value your information. Thanks for that.

Barb & Iz Doin Biz says:

Yeah and this is NOT easy to duplicate. Let me get this straight, we write a small book and create a bunch of different "baits" and after they sign up, THEY have to learn how to create a bunch of new "bait"? Man why not just do BNB? Don't have to convince someone to pay for shelter 💯

I do want to give making a funnel a huge shot!

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0:53 Love this moment

Sherrell Harlin says:

Safe and sound

Marquies Nichols says:

Safe and sound

regis wolowiecki says:

I think i just felt in love

Demetri Gomez says:

This needs more views and i’m only half way through the video

Michael says:

I wish I could have gotten my hands on this. Sucks. 🙁

Gordon Green says:

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