HUN BOTS Put The MLM First And Basic Needs Second | Anti-MLM

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Hey everyone!
Well we are here and we are back for another Anti-MLM video! I hope you guys like it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: Any individual(s) seen in this video are used as examples of why the MLM in question has a poor business structure.
It is the MLM business model that is the problem.
please do not search for or send hate to anyone seen in this video

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Shannon S says:

They've gone from "its not a pyramid" to "I'm proud to be in a pyramid" lol

crowlovescore says:

the mlm fan fiction would need to be science fiction though since they will need to discover new worlds with live constantly so they don't run out of people

melissa sallee says:

AND they can’t just change words in facts. 80% of people making 6 figures IN MLMs are women not 80% of women are making 6 figures are in mlms. These clowns are something else!!

melissa sallee says:

Rule 1 of adulting is making sure you can survive. Make sure you’re working enough to make the amount of money to sustain life. Rule 1 of HunBots….waste your money on trash and you won’t get it back but you’ll be love bombed and lied to by culty nonsense. Geezus πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

HufflePunk says:

You pronounced chutzpa almost perfectly! The "ch" sound is a throaty sound that's not present in English so most non-Hebrew speakers struggle to make it. So the modified/Englishized version of the word is pronounced "hutzpa" like what you said. πŸ’œ

Julie AMO says:

To me, if I was planning on leaving a six figure income job to stay home with my children, I would start planning ahead of time and put money back in preparation for the lost income. Just saying.

Gloria Dell says:

Aaaargh! How many times are they going to misquote that statistic?? It’s 80% of people in network marketing who are making six figures are women. Duh, since most MLM-ers are women!

Ms. Hunter says:

I'm a writer and some of that is fan fiction. The thought of Multi-Level Marketing fan fiction….. you broke my mind

Hannah Ann says:

So excited for this video!

raychul33 raychissimo says:

It was the clapping for me 🀣🀣

Sharon Rogers says:

Ohhhh an MLM romance novel!!! You should write one πŸ˜‰

raychul33 raychissimo says:

I love that you added the words to the intro in after seeing a comment about it the other day haha

Kassy Gendron says:

EARLY SQUUAAADDDD!!! I get so excited every time I get a notification that you posted a new video!! About to start it now! Can't wait to see what kind of fuckery we witness today!! Love your channel so much!

Manga Skittles says:

funniest thing is that those fizz sticks have less caffeine than coffee xD

Peanut Forever says:

The clappy one also has a LuLaRoe tag on the sub, which somehow makes it even worse…

Rose Blue says:

Love to see a video is uploaded just after I come home from my 8-6 job! "it's only a scam if you make it a scam" how can you even say that seriously?

Momiji Andres says:

Lol I love the reference! Mulan is one of my favorites (animated one obviously)!

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