I'll Run a Multi-Level Marketing Through The Company – Does The Owner Know? r/MaliciousCompliance

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Josh Moe says:

Shows how good a single payer Healthcare system is. Have to get the ministry of health involved to get a surgery.

Josh Moe says:

Shows how good a single payer Healthcare system is. Have to get the ministry of health involved to get a surgery.

Josh Moe says:

Shows how good a single payer Healthcare system is. Have to get the ministry of health involved to get a surgery.

Renville80 says:

I know someone who used to be in a MLM until he tried the stuff he was selling… he quit after he had a reaction to one product bad enough to land him in the hospital for a week.

360 Entertainment says:

We actually had a guy at my last job try to work an MLM. This was a security company where we drive around several different sites. He’d actually walk up to our clients, while in uniform, and try to get them to sign on. The clients started to complain about the guy a lot, not just about his MLM hi jinks. He was finally sent to a stationary site and was given explicit instructions to not talk about his business on company time!

Great Exchange says:

MLMs are cancer. If you get involved with them, they will treat you like a friend. But they will be that friend that sap the life out of you by forcing bad habits on you (mostly with your wallet). The moment you decide this isnt good, they turn on you. You'll get the most vile hate, and they'll threaten you with that hate if they see you aren't "doing enough". Oh, and if you refuse they will say you aren't a real friend of family member. May even block you on social media

JOY of RVing says:

First story is the problem with free healthcare. You wait.. and wait… and wait… I’d rather work hard to pay for my health insurance and see my doctor when I need to.

repoman says:

ME: boss, how much money do i bring into the company on a monthly basis?
BOSS: about 50-70% of the money.
ME: ok, so if i were gone then you would have to close the business down in a few months or spend a few months trying to find someone who could do my job as well as i can correct?
BOSS: that is correct, what are you getting at?
ME: named person, wants me fired for what they are actually doing, if you dont believe me then i have two ways to prove i am right, 1st pulls out my eagle scout card. 2nd i suggest you stay out of sight but pay close attention to what named person is doing for the next few weeks and you will see that not only should you fire them but press charges for illegal activities.

jared Monnett says:

Ahh yes government run medical care

Jimmy Sidebottom says:

The first story is a good example of what happens in a government-run socialist medicine situation. Socialism is SUCH a good idea#

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