INSANELY Amazing AFFIRMATIONS for Direct Sales!!

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If you find that you just LOVE HIGH ENERGY Affirmations and thoughts to get your day going, then this is for you!! Brady gives you his version of affirmations…HA! Very simple.

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Niki Likes says:

This is SO old but totally inspiring. I have a 3.5yo and a 10mo and I love seeing you be a mom and an entrepreneur! I'm considering joining MK again, and this inspires me to believe I can have it all and do it all as long as things are in the proper order!

Jessica Amoroso says:

i love your Videos. greetings from Germany. Hope to meet u one day in dellas at the top director trip ❤💞

adelickacy says:

Awww…that's too bad especially for all the newcomers to your channel. Brady has been a part of our lives. I know many of our pink sisters consider ourselves "auntie" to our little sunshine. Well, glad that you are back. Now, I have to catch up on some training.
MUAH!💚💛💜 Congratulations, on the new little girl. Look forward to see her co-star alongside Brady.

Beth Holt says:

I think I love you!  You are so inspiring!

Ebony Sin says:

He is sOo adorable! xo

Gale Kennedy says:

Really cute! Cant believe how good he is at cracking those eggs!  So Smart! Great job Brady (and Mom).

Kourtney Coleman says:

This little man knows NO limits or hinderances!!!! AWESOME!!
He knows how to cook!! AWESOME, EAT THAT MIX BRADY!!! I know it's good!!! I like the yellow kind!! Just don't eat too much and make your little tummy hurt. I can't wait to see how accomplished he will be when he is an adult !!
He has no idea how blessed his is to have a mommy that is not stretched to her limits (in a bad way) and stressed out. She can let him play and not panic!! WHY?? After all Brady knows how to clean LOL!!! Who taught him HIS MAMMA!!!
I Love watching you be a mamma raising Brady while building your Million Dollar business out of your home!!! Thanks for blessing us!!

Barbara Thomas says:

Soooo cute! Thank you for alllllllll of your help!

Minnie C Riley says:

Wow he can crack eggs perfectly that is amazing.


Glad I found your new page again, so glad your back. Brady rocks! I can't believe he can properly crack an egg…that is amazing 🙂 Keep the videos coming 🙂

George Williams says:

Well looks like you nailed that because you are powerful – you are great – you are nice – everybody does like you – and you sure do have a good heart!  🙂  Love it!  So glad you're still making videos 'cause me and my small fry love 'em! 

Vicky B says:

You have the cutest kid

Denise Walsh says:

Hey Michelle, thank you so much for all your videos and info. I mentioned the video that you had on how you spend your day.  You ran to Starbucks and the bike shop. Some of the girls at our meeting wanted to see it.  I can't find it.  Can you re post it please? ty

Kimberly Bueto says:

So, how did the cake turn out? Yum!

Marla Fernandez says:

Love your videos! Please redo the video where your team member talks about following up on leads! I NEED that script. 🙂 Thanks Michelle! You're such a help and encouragement in my business.

Marla Fernandez says:

Love your videos! Please redo the video where your team member talks about following up on leads! I NEED that script. 🙂 Thanks Michelle! You're such a help and encouragement in my business.

Melodie King says:

Watching Michelle and Brady makes my heart smile 🙂

Shannon Guillory says:

Awesome job Brady! 🙂

Dazzlin' Diva'z & Dude'z Work Hard then Play Harder says:

Brady is just the best.. He know how to clean up..Yeah!

Rachel Cox says:

So are you able to mention the company name if you don't have minors featured in your videos then?  Want to be legally safe as well! Just curious! I'm a Sales Director and working on getting the courage to do some videos as well! Love yours and my unit appreciates you're efforts! We love ya! Thanks so much! 

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