IS MELALEUCA AN MLM?! (yeah sis, but watch this anyways) *slimy*

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This entire video literally has me questioning my sanity.. like.. does this make sense or am I missing something HUGE that makes it not an MLM? Because I spent the whole video being like “HOW COULD THEY EVEN CLAIM ITS REMOTELY DIFFERENT!?” Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Thank you guys so much for listening to my truth. You have truly taken away so much of the fear I had about speaking out about this. So many of these companies scare people into silence by making threats, but knowing that I have helped so many of you already, and continue to hear more stories every day, makes it all worth it.

I make these videos for entertainment and educational purposes, but mainly to spread awareness so that other men and women don’t fall victim to these tactics. I spent 5 years being miserably tricked into believing that I had the best life ever and that everyone would be LUCKY to have my life so I needed to share it with people as much as possible, when I was actually struggling with mental illness (among many other “limiting beliefs”) along side MANY of my peers who were in the MLM with me.

Of course, as always, everything mentioned in these videos is based on my personal opinion and experience only. My opinions do not represent the company, anyone involved, or MLM’s as a whole. They are not published as facts, though they are first hand experiences.

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Stay tuned for more anti-mlm content, and in the meantime, check out some of my other anti-mlm videos!








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0:00 INTRO & Small Business Shoutout
2:34 Video Begins
5:45 First Screenshot
12:57 More of Dis Bish Not Answering My Questions
20:16 Are Those Levels I see?!
21:43 What’s That You Say???
24:16 Home Conversion Kit
29:33 Enroller Vs. Presenter
32:22 Things You Need To Know
35:39 What Does Ole Franky Have To Say?
37:00 hhhhhhhhhhhwhatttttt?!!?!
37:26 How is Melaleuca Different?
41:38 OUTRO


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Cristina Z says:

This company tried to scam me when I was 20! I showed up for “work” after a very impressive interview to be given a stack of phone numbers and be told to call call call. No hourly wage. I picked up the phone, put it back down when the “trainer” left, and quietly walked out.

Martina Matejas says:

How do you file the taxes when melaluca gives you a referral link? Does the comission count as income or is it paid as credit towards next purchase?

Rebecca Silverzweig says:

I see what you see. MLM. Was even trying to be very open minded. But MLM

Kz1 514 says:

It seems like the big difference is that melaleuca is acknowledging that the distributors are the customers, and most MLMs try to hide that.

Sammy says:

OMG I feel like a convo with a Melaleuca person just goes like this:
You: 🍎This is an apple.
M: No! It's not!
You: What? Yes It's an apple.
M: It's not!
You: If it's not an apple what is it?
M: It's a red object
You: Yes but this red object is called an apple.
M: It's not! You blind?
You: WTF
M: I feel like you need to get your eyes checked. Bye!

chronically_bqueen B says:

Your lighting is dark unless it’s my phone

C says:

It’s the way you can’t even sign up for a membership without using someone else’s link for me, MLM af 😂

SuperJezzara says:

At least they're honest that the distributor is the customer!! 😂😂

Krista Issler says:

My mom did this back in the day. It was such a crazy thing to get it to stop. They kept just sending product. She tried to cancel and it was so so difficult. The only way she got out of it was that her credit card expired so they stopped. I will never try it because of that experience!

Sarah Stevenson says:

You 100% get it. It is a MLM.

Extraordinaire171 says:

Melaleuca is out here admitting that the distributers are the customers lol

okaytessa says:

They're absolutely an MLM. They preyed on my mom after she stopped working because of MS. Within a year, my mom quit because someone she referred called her crying because she couldn't make money. My mom paid her back and quit asap. Because she has a conscience. It was one of a few she joined, and i'm grateful that I know about MLM's because of her experiences. MLM for Manipulative Liars, Man.

Ronnie Cruz says:

I've been recently introduced to your utube videos 2 days ago by a current team member. I am in an mlm (8mths) and extremely frustrated at times..i love it then hate it. After watching your videos I feel like an idiot n fell for it. I would love to talk w/ u!! I tried to msg u on fb and email u. I'd like your input on my situation…

Kaitlyn Chase says:

That monthly 35 points was wayyyy more that $35🤣 On average I would spend $80-$100 a month to get to that 35 points. It’s not very realistic!

Kaitlyn Chase says:

I was someone who left ItWorks and went to melaleuca because I was told it wasn’t an mlm but found out real quick that it was!!😬

Savannah Marie says:

Thank you for making this video. I've tried to put it together myself and got too pissed off every time 😆 it's literally an MLM, hands down. They just call everything different terms even though they have the same exact definitions that other MLMs have lol. It's literally like if I looked at a duck and said "that's not a duck, that's a dog now". I mean, it's still a duck even though you're personally saying it's something else lol

Kathryn Whitbeck says:

BRO. OMG. The other day my husband and I went to a coffee shop. Sitting outside was this lady talking on the phone, on her laptop, who had an INSANE amount of energy. I just suspected sooo strongly that she was pitching someone an MLM. I told my husband, “you go inside. I’ll be there in a minute” (he already knew what I was up to 😂) and sure enough it was MELALEUCA!

Kris says:

I got the maleluca lotion as a gift for son for my baby shower. It was the only lotion that helped his dry skin, but I wanted to buy more and couldn't find any way to buy it with no strings attached, but then I eventually found cerave and am very happy.

Patti Steger says:

Simmer down 🤪
You are my favorite anti-MLMer 😁

dasparado says:

Your transformation from your past videos is simply amazing. You seem so much happier and look gorgeous.

Samantha Pierce says:

EDIT: i commented initially before i got into the video more. I KNOW who the girl is that messaged you!! Hahahahahahahaha SO AWFUL. She sent the SAME messages to everyone!!!🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

I finally put the puzzle pieces together! We were at Ellsworth the same time you and your husband were. My husband saw me watching your videos and he said he knew you and your husband from CrossFit!

I hate melaleuca, there was a girl stationed at Ellsworth when we were both there and she was deep in melaleuca and it cracked me up how she was ALWAYS defending how they weren’t an MLM. Ok sis……🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

Anyways, love your videos! I never miss watching! ✨❤️

Jennifer Freier says:

I’m sure their argument about paying to be a member is like paying to join Sams or Costco. Def a MLM though

Flowers2020 says:

Savvi is trying to change one of their models to this and call it an “affiliate program”.

Lunarian Noises says:

I wasn’t even involved and that chick got me heated. I kinda wanna pop her one lol.

CHloE748 says:

Wow, this is a PERFECT example of how good they are at manipulating people! The way she explained it, it really didn’t sound like an MLM to me, she made it seem like it was like an affiliate code or something like that. But the moment you got into the compensation plan (the info that’s coming from the COMPANY instead of some lying cult member) it became clear immediately that it’s 100% an MLM. It’s insane how good they are at twisting the truth to make something awful seem like the best opportunity in the world. Also I absolutely loved how mad she got and how she couldn’t possibly believe that someone didn’t back down from her and could see straight through her BS 😂 She was dumbfounded, which sadly means normally she succeeds in manipulating people 😕

Lunarian Noises says:

You aren’t crazy. And there is no way that girl was stupid enough to really not understand. She sounds absolutely evil.

Reagan says:

You are not crazy. It is 100% an MLM🙄

Mary Anne says:

I’m only 14 min in, so maybe you get to this, but an MLM is all about recruitment. Sharing a referral link is affiliate marketing. I know nothing about Melaluca, but if there’s no recruitment or team building, it doesn’t sound like an MLM. It sounds like Thrive Market or ButcherBox.

natalie wollam says:

My last cleaning company used exclusively melaleuca products 😒

P W says:

I would have liked you to have looked up all of that info to use in your discussion with her rather than being petty and catty back and forth

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