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Is Multi-Level Marketing a Good Option?
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techCUISINE says:

MLMs are a SCAM

Water Bottle says:

Without even watching the video I can sum it up in only one word: NO!

Devante Lee says:

Dave has said mlm are sales managers. There is a couple you can make a ton of money in. Its really just about commitment, it is a ton of hard work though. The right person can do very well at it.

Kwaviddong says:

The fact that this guy has to ask this question shows why he’s poor with money.

Adam R says:

OMG, don’t be an idiot! Stay away from MLM! Run!!

Marie K. says:

Then you'll lose money, and you'll have to pretend (like a lot of commenters here that are MLM representatives) that you're succesful to try and maintain the image of the company and enroll more people in and increase your downline, it's textbook.

ajax88 says:

only top 1% sociopath make it in MLM. for everyone else its a scam

Modern Adulting says:

Multilevel marketing (MLM) is not marketing at all but a form of direct sales with special features, of which recruiting is fundamental.

L P says:

Chris is so right. There's plenty of educational aNTI MLM content creators here on YT. Whether Monat or Beachbody or Arbornne, definitely beneficial for this guy to do his research.

whysoblutube says:

MLM’s are garbage. Run from them all!

machintelligence says:

Wrong business. Run, do not walk away from an MLM.

Christopher Beddoe says:

The problem with MLM's is you aren't a business owner.
You are the employee of the people who signed up before you.

Live Free with Caleb D. says:

Stay away from MLMs PLEASE!!!

Brandon Mills says:

I do very well in network marketing. It is one of the best investments I've made, but honestly it's a tough business to build.

MrWesford says:

MLMs are great if you hate money and having friends.

Jim Smith says:

Multi level marketing is a great way to lose all of your friends

ns 96 says:

I think they are fine as long as you are able to make more money selling the product rather than getting people to join.

Jordan Aubrey- Real Estate Investing Done Right says:

The good thing about MLM is the Personal Development that comes with it. Having people around you that want more and are trying to be discipline about it.

Saul Goodman says:

What did the wife do before? What is she doing after? Why can't she get a job a couple months after the baby is born?

Gitanarosa says:

I live in Utah, home of many MLMs and I stay away from them.

uncle rico says:

MLM = paying a company for the privilege of selling their product that has no brand recognition and the price is marked up so high that it can't compete in its respective market. Then once you realize you can't make money selling the product, you try making your money by suckering your friends and family into joining the scheme.

Ms Lenah says:

All MLMs are not scams (Mary Kay, Avon, etc). The problem is that most of them make their outlandish promises of making tons of money but never tell you about just how much work it will take to just break even in these companies. It takes YEARS of diligent hard work to begin making any kind of real profit with these companies. If you have no source of income or need additional income ASAP…forget MLMs.

Black Vito - Moneyology says:

Many mlm are scams but

Daequan Brown says:

If you think they are scams then maybe you had a run in w a bad one. But by no means are the right ones. Are they pyramid schemes?The answer is no. They share similarities sure. But they are not a pyramid scheme nor scam🤦🏻‍♂️😂. And if u think they are well, that cool. I’m still making my residuals and having fun w my tax benefits while helping others make money too🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

rachel ericson says:

In an MLM, you are NOT your business owner or entrepreneur. Figure that out first and then go from there. If you do your due diligence and still get hooked into this scammery…well, may the odd forever be in your favor.

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