MAKEUP FOOLISHNESS | ABH and an MLM, using tragedy for clout and JACLYN HILL

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In which I talk about all the dumb crap that happened on makeup internet this week.

Kiki Chanel on MLMs and ABH:
Half Cousins ABH and MLMs (also Michelle Phan + essential oils)
Smokey Glow on Jaclyn Hill:

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Abby Williamson says:

HEY EVERYONE: my necklace is all like laser cut wood instead of actual teeth. I also is a gift from my friend Georgia – and she told me the shop she got it from doesn't exist anymore unfortunately.

Redhaired_ Girl88 says:

Jaclyn everything for💰💰 hill…. morphe palette .. its so suprising🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Redhaired_ Girl88 says:

I did love abh but… i don't really like that kins of change that they do 😖

Genius.Beauty says:

Cause it wasn’t just him. Him and his daughter passed on that crash

brooklynforever1990 says:

You’re funny. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said! Sadly common sense is lacking these days.👏🏾

Riley Anderson says:

I went to high school with Cole Carrigan, he is a garbage human being and overall embarrassment lmao

JoeysMagGoth says:

Ok, so about ABH.. this made me so mad, i still hope they go down for it.
Obviously they knew what they were doing, playing dumb isn't gonna work.
Norvina, whatever her real name is, didn't "fix" or "stop" it, cause they had a contract already.
She ended it with a "nothing we can do about it now, but we won't do it again!"
Basically, doing exactly the same thing Kat did – saying "I'm sorry you found out, not sorry for it".
So… if KVD was cancelled and pushed out of KVD Beauty, why isn't the same happening with Norvina and ABH?

Hellzbellz says:

I got sucked into Isagenix couple of years ago . I didn’t want to do the “selling “ aspect of it , but I definitely spent my share of money . Sure I lost weight with it ( duh, you’re only eating one real meal a day ) but when I got bored of it and stopped doing it , I gained most of that weight back and now have a cupboard full of shakes that remind me how stupid and vulnerable I was and how these companies prey on peoples self esteem , or lack there of in my case . What a waste of time and money .

Julia Riemann says:

Whoa u were just recommended to me and I thought you were a glam colorful version of amy from big bang 😂 tell me I am not the only one who sees it 😂😂😂

Gabrielle S says:

Heads up, girl. You used a Jon Tron clip in the "what the fuck" reaction to JH. Jon Tron is a white supremacist asshole who isn't exactly exemplary to your values.

Marina Vasic Prelic says:

I love your videos… sound as a smart girl…God….I love u !

Robin Moreau says:

I can explain the weird MLM collab easily
R&F and ABH share several investors and Anastasia is old friends with the 2 women who own R&F.

Vanessa Carlini says:

People have been gesticulating about all these nefarious possible reasons for he “puffy face”, and just being complete assholes about her appearance.

Why can we not just stop talking about her, and leave her the fck alone.

People love to use Jaclyn to exercise their own internal well of hostility and criticism.

If she’s bulkshit, just stop making videos talking about her.

Noa Mann Falik says:

please do a “dumb shit brands did” series

Chris & Tango #SaveTheBees says:

What if a brand raided awareness with positive action/engagement?

ex: what if it were an Australian themed palette that DONATED a portion of sales to wildfire charities?

Chinema Pictures says:

Let’s get down to business…… to defeat … #thehuns 😂😂😂 #abhmlm

Chinema Pictures says:

Are the magickly links affiliate links? It’s kind of confusing in your description

Anita Majumdar says:

I ALSO feel like I’m living in a glass case when it comes to Jaclyn Hill… it’s incomprehensible how many second chances that girl gets… especially after the most controversial (uh, and DANGEROUS) launches in 21st century makeup history

Lena Boehmer says:

This video just made me so damn happy I cannot even explain!! 💜🙌🏼 also – I must know what hair color you use. Obsessed.

Sarah Bojorquez says:

I’m a social media manager for a company and let me tell you…the people in charge don’t want to listen to those of us on the ground everyday, and then things like this happens. The decision makers have no idea what they’re doing half the time.

K M says:

Savannah Marie is a great anti-mlm resource. Her videos are really well researched.

Fairy Stoned says:

I almost spit out my banana bread when you said jaclyn hill apologizes….let's get one thing clear. Jaclyn shill never apologizes because she is never wrong. In fact it's our fault that SHE sent out contaminated lipsticks. Remember guys, all of those contaminated lipsticks are just RUMORS. LMAO

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