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Savannah Marie says:

►►Get 68% off of Nord VPN, only $3.71 per month, PLUS 4 months for FREE until December 1st, 2020 by visiting, use code "SavannahMarie" at checkout!◄◄

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Singing The Blues says:

17:15 Sparrow is the cutest. She’s gonna be a great big sis 🥺

SuperJezzara says:

Besides just the addiction to joining MLMs, there's also the addiction to SHOPPING and buying products from their MLMs. I think part of it is for ranking up but a lot of it is just an addiction to getting new stuff

Terrence Bullock says:

Still waiting on this ONPASSIVE to launch before 2021 as promised. So far these so called GOFOUNDERS swear they will become rich from doing zero work. Just check out a few videos on youtube to catch the red flags of the scam in progress.

Singing The Blues says:

VPN’s are awesome. I have one.

Pearl Barreau says:

For point 3 on your video it reminds me of the lady that reached the top of lularoe in the Vice Documentary about MLM's it might be worth a rewatch to see how their seemed to be a dopamine high. I think she explained it as that.

Amy Dost says:

VPNs are great but the Sneaky Susan stuff does sound a bit sketchy and not necessarily what it's meant for 😳

Katrina Dion says:

@SAVANNAH Marie – Please try to colab w/Josh @ The Dads Challenge Podcast.

Alex Victoria says:

Isn't it fraud if they're encouraging you to sign up family members without their knowledge? Like if you use their credit card or social security number to sign up when you aren't actually that person, surely that counts as fraud?

Ayesha Naeem says:

your makeup and hair in this video 💗💗 you look so good 💗🥰😊

Danielle says:

Thanks for this video. My friend joined 4 different mlms (joined one of them 2x) and I couldn't figure out exactly why (at least without offending her). She is so smart and talented, she doesn't need them. She joined her fourth one fairly recently, so who knows how long she will be in this one (and if she will join another or finally see the light). She made a post about how this one was 'different' and she felt more 'supported'. Honey, the structure is still the same, and products very overpriced; her upline is probably using different tactic to get her to sell (especially knowing she was in others).

Tab J says:

I know this is a kinda more serious video…..BUT……your hair girl…so shiny and full!! You need to swing it for no reason 🚀

Brandy Nichols says:

The health one is very present but not in the way I imagine it is with gambling: I’ve seen people with chronic illness and disability are very often targeted by MLM’s because of the work from your phone aspect. And very often people who are unwell suffer even more because they often can’t work full time or are on a fixed income, and getting involved with MLM’s can readily tip them over into financial ruin.

Kalyn Cofield says:

Seriously though, I know I already commented, but this video DESCRIBED ME.

hi goodbye says:

I just wanna say you look absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope I can get this good at applying makeup one day!!!

cenasathiscorner says:

Thank you for doing this video! My relative flat out admitted to me she is addicted to mlms. She's been involved with 10 the past 11 years. On another note you're hair looks great! Watch out for those Monat huns!

Nichole Davis says:

Theft stealing sales from other mlmers in the group. Usually higher up people stealing sales from there downline. Happened to me had my sales and a recruit taken.

Jj M says:

Also I’ve heard mlm hunbots say that theyve signed their mom or husband up with their social security number without them knowing… not sure if that’s against the law but it’s definitely not right….

M K says:

I remember Roberta Blevins approach the topic of MLM's being addictive. I remember her saying that the dopamine rush from a sale was addicting. That's what I can think of atm. But I'm SO GLAD you talked about this Savannah! This is one of your best videos!

Izzy Bailey says:

I tried it works and I was signed up for automatic deliveries without consent. They charged me on my credit card several time and only had permission to charge me once. She got commission on selling products I didn't ask to buy. That is stealing/fraudulent imo

Little V says:

Resorting to theft? What about the woman who looted her daughters college fund left to her by her(the daughter)grandmother, and it was spent on Monat to 'invest in her and her daughters future '. She was so fucking proud she posted it on Fb. I saw it a couple of times on yt and fb. I can't remember exactly where. I just remember that the daughter was utterly devastated. She had taken a screenshot and was asking for ideas on how to get her money back….

Sarah Hunter says:

It makes sense because my friends that do this, move from MLM to MLM, and sometimes do multiple at once.

San says:

In fraud department, I'd compare signing up family members without permission and controlling their accounts. Even signing up a customer when they just bought one item and said no.

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