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SuperBlargle says:

Ugh the Monat crap really gets under my skin. Like sorry my hair never fell out from using my Paul Mitchell stuff so…….which one is poison again? Lol

cozy cas says:

Giiiiirl the dunder miflin and MFM references just make me love you more

Fat to Marathon says:

Totally unrelated to mlms but my name is Amanda and my sister is Carly. I just thought it was funny. I will have to message you about how I signed up for Mary Kay from my husband's ex girlfriend. It was cringy.

khadija dirir says:

Cutco almost got me but I read ahead the "training booklet" and it said that is would be a 99$ for a starter kit. I didn't show up for the rest of training 🙃. I definitely didn't have 1 dollar to my name and I was already wary of being successful in the business (since we had sell to those we knew and I didn't know anyone so..). I guess being broke and alone saved me from a scam which is weird looking back since usually that makes you more vulnerable to them.

Angi Jansen says:

Okay but going to Chipotle and not getting anything for your spouse should be considered a crime 😤😂

Rosalie Baiza says:

I just want to say how well organized and beautiful your description box looks! I've never seen one so aesthetically pleasing that I actually would click on those links. You go girl, attention to detail is everything!!!!🥰

alaskanbltundra says:

Um I'm starting to rely on your videos as a way of marking the passage of time 😂

s0lastsummer7 says:

That last one, man, that is crazy how many different subspecies of hun she sees in a single day! Her writing was so colorful and descriptive, I loved it 😂

Moriah Tisza says:

I’m about to graduate college and I’m so happy that I heard that first story. I’ve been worried that I would be scammed and taken advantage of.

Trudy With Her Cat says:

So proud of you making this your full time job. Love ya bunches 🥰🥰🥰

haley bolton says:


B. T. says:

The first story is creeping me out OMG I would feel like I was being lured into a super evil trap (MLMs are traps in and of themselves though)

Rachel W says:

Literally needed to hear from you today… Anxiety problems… But I got all cosied up to listen to you read these stories lolllll, and I feel a bit better, thank you CC we love u <3

L A says:

That first story had me like 😦😰. I use to be that person who chose politeness over my well-being/happiness and I never wanted to seem rude but literally one day it hit me that I have to live with myself forever, I should always be making sure I’m #1. Now I put my feelings and comfort before other people, no exceptions. My friends know I’m famous for saying “oh no, this is not for me” and leaving/not answering a call/text ect. If I’m uncomfortable it’s not for me and I don’t think it’s rude or unprofessional. I just can’t be an after thought or rude to myself, I have to live with myself.

At the end of the day if it wasn’t her on that job shadowing run around the city, it would be someone else. So sis, let it be someone else! I wouldn’t have even left that building without a clear description of where and what is taking place. Don’t she know sex trafficking is still hot in these streets?

Hannah Z says:

My sister somehow got roped into Cutco when she was like 19. At the time I had never heard of it before and didn’t really get MLMs, I just thought it was weird when I found out she was now selling knives…that she had to buy herself first. Pretty sure my mom and my stepdad ended up buying them all from her to get her out of it.

Amy Marie says:


Liz Barile says:

8 horror stories? It’s like Christmas. Also ready to dive into your true crime. I love true crime videos.

sugarmackb says:

Speaking of Fenola I literally just realized that’s the brand of blue shampoo I use 😂

Shann Cimakasky says:

Omg I didn’t know you went full time.. congratulations.. last I knew you were waiting for a bit.. that is AWESOME

Jennifer K says:

OMG thank you for shouting out your #balonkeybabes! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Only the best and balonkeyest for you, @ccsuarez, our newest full time YouTuber from Balonkey Town! (🎵Oh won’t you take me to…Balonkey Town? 🎵 No? Just me?)

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