MLM SCAM EXPOSED *footage* | #antimlm

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Emily Leah says:

Use the code YOUTUBE20 for 20% off your order

Adrienne Moore says:

Looking at that ring on her finger, if it is real, it seems like her husband is making a bunch of money. With her attitude it would not surprise me. I wonder how much money he has sunk into her "business"?

thefaceofinsecurity says:

I’d sooner literally shove $200 down my garbage disposal and shred it up than give it to someone to join an MLM.

Know why?

Because my “soul sucking, miserable, you-have-to-suck-dick-to-promote 9-5 corporate job” will absolutely give it back to me when I inevitably get paid because they are legally required to pay me for my work 🤷🏻‍♀️

SeeInCarmine says:

There are people with college degrees working minimum wage jobs while looking for their job of choice. So yeah, I guess they are absolutely choosing the financial stress of working for minimum wage over being completely broke and homeless. They’re still making more money than MLM drips.

Artofsnan says:

honestly, screw this woman, if I had 200 dollars rn I would be SO happy. And the side-income economy is NOT just a quick easy solution- I've been trying for AGES to get an income going on the side so that I can save some money, but it's HARD and I am NOT choosing my situatiion, I'm STUCK in it

Amanda Taylor says:

I know this wasn’t in the video but i think my biggest annoyance with these people is they always prey on college students and basically convince them that they don’t need to get the degree they are pursuing be successful and it’s so dangerous

Lolo parmy says:

She sounds like a crack head feaning.

Lea Ctz says:

I'd like this person to come and visit me in South Africa and tell me again to my face how poverty is a 'choice'… Sure, some of us make bad financial decisions and it takes a long time to recover from that. But true poverty is not a 'choice.' I totally agree with you about rather investing or putting away any extra money made. It is a slower process, but at least its a process that offers some true hope for the future.

Erika Tello says:

Can we talk about how these MLM‘s are still pushing their products?!! even though people are losing their jobs due to this virus 🦠 ugh it’s sickening

amygreenyo says:

they want antimlm to mind their business but they get so pressed over how people spend their own money

starletpen says:

$199 is almost an entire paycheck for me. 🙄 Before I got my raise this year, it was /more/ than one paycheck.

Olivia Vera says:

lmaoooo i’ll never forget this girl messaging me from a MLM when I asked her about the $99 starter pack going “ Honey do you want to see low numbers in your future then start high. All my girls started high” aka 499 wtf bitch

Diane Magnolia says:

Yes let's shame people into buying from us, love that.

Fourtwo Six says:

She seems like a highly charged individual who may be trying to recoup her own losses every month. She may need to get some real education on personal finances…for her damned self! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Liz McGinnis says:

Woooooow!!!! She's so dang desperate to make that $….

Amanda Gale says:

Paparazzi literally had a rule against buying starter kits for others…not sure why it mattered lol …I love driving for postmates and door dash as my side hustles but that money goes to my vacay fund!!😄💜

Maggie K says:

The immaturity of these adult huns is so sad to see. They only want fast money & want to be rich ASAP. They don’t see in the long term future. It’s similar to how I was with money at 18. It’s confusing to me.
It’s refreshing to see young adults, like Emily who understands the importance of saving & knows of ways to save. It’s nice to see! I trust you as a (real) business owner, because you seem to understand money. I love watching your videos!

allison maureen says:

dang she is deeeesperate!!!! she makes me cringe so hard!

Ashley Grube says:

It literally sounded like she was begging people to do those things (sell the things they don't need, etc.) I'm like girl, desperate much?!

Lucy Fur says:

It sounds like she is having trouble getting people to sign up. Maybe her upline has been on her ass to talk to people and she keeps getting the same rejection excuse that people don't have the money to invest. So she made an angry video about people who don't have 199 to invest on changing their lives. (for the worse)

A voice So bright says:

That girl judging people without 200$ to just throw at whatever …. clueless. Absolutely clueless.

Intuitive Duck says:

This lady is so out of touch. Instead of "investing" AKA pissing away money for a MLM company. Try real investing into the stock market while it's low. Buy low, sell high, be smart, & be patient. It'll pay off if you aren't reckless.✌🏻💰

Justyna Wisniewska says:

Old clothes don't sell well. Unless it's some awesome vintage piece. If you just have some old fast fashion clothes that you don't need then forget about it. Clothing market is overflowing and clothes are quite inexpensive to buy new on sales. Unless you price them ultra cheap the chance of selling them is slim. I'd not see that as a source of income but rather a way to find your clothes a new home at a symbolic price.

Tara bull says:

No they only want financially desperate folks to join, so they can try and brainwash them.

K A R M A says:

That girl's ideas are terrible. If you are poor, the last thing you want to do is sell your stuff for 1/4 of the value you paid or slap it on a credit card and end up paying double or triple what you borrowed.

mmanda515 says:

These days, esp… this world definitely needs more Emily Leah's. Someone apparently raised you right, that's for sure. The ways in which you think, speak, act, LIVE…. Saying what you mean & with intention… meaning what you say. Each action, with thought, compassion, insight & integrity…. As a mom of a teenager, can only hope my son matures into the same type of person! I'd be a blessed, proud mom, that's for sure. Well said, as always.. thanks for sharing! #integrity DEFINITELY needs to make a huge comeback. To, again be the norm… rather than a few rare gems! The would would be a much brighter place to live, if… that's for sure! 😉 Be well.

Tricia Carter says:

Thank you for putting yourself out there, Emily. I can't imagine how the huns must come for you.

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