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NEW YEAR, NEW MLM SCAMS! Let’s root them out this year once and for all!

Goes without saying but don’t try to find any of these people, don’t harass them, don’t message them… I do not condone that behavior! Thank you



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Carla Iovino says:

I think that these people have such bad relationships with food and if you were watching this and other people in the comments were agreeing with her it only serves to either.. create that bad relationship with food or further a preexisting one. cookie dough isnt disgusting but uhh wasting someone else's food for your little hun science experiment might be lol

Bailee Nicole says:

Please talk about LimeLife.

Megan Scorpio says:

I hate how these MLM people talk in circles. Their videos are so long because they say the same crap over and over 😬🥱

Tamale says:

I remember an arbonne hun trying to sell my mom “aRbOnNeS 30 dAy cLeAnSE” to “heal” her chrons disease. 🥴🙄 took everything in me to not rip her to shreds.

Sam Jahn says:

average 2k a month is what I make at my job working 40 hrs that isn't a pyramid scheme LOL uhh (I need a raise but I have that option to get it)

Quinn Nilsson says:

There are so many awesome FREE workout channels on YouTube (Blogilates and emkfit to name a few of my faves) why would you ever pay for workouts through beach body???

DarkSpiderZero says:

I'm new to this channel. How come you guys call the MLM girls "Huns"? Is it like a girl-speak nickname, like how you guys call the MLM recruitment DMs "Hey girls"

Christa ElMansy says:

It’s the “you guyyyysss” for me… 😐😂

I love your videos! Vlog channel and all!

Cassandra Frantz says:

Warning tmi That isn't gonna help you lose weight. My chemo pills i take make my body break my food down so quick im in bathroom alot. You think I would be skinny but nope . Instead all it has time to do is grab on to whatever it can absorb and push it out. You know what that is the fat in food. So not a good way to lose weight at all.

Samantha Treadway says:

Why you gotta bad mouth my cookie dough like that???? Steal my cookie dough and turn it into liquid and we are going to have a problem! #cookiedoughforlife

Lady Sundown says:

Soooo glad you are back!

Valeria De paoli says:

Just recently started following you while I was doing some research on MLM's (Nearly felt for it not gonna lie) and now I just can't stop watching your vids!!! Great job exposing these people!!!
P.S Check the Breakaway movement and Enagic. I'll wait for a video 😀

Tamale says:

Omg I missed you lol your mlm videos are the best 😆

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