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Here we have a new series of exposing MLM Recruitment Tactics no matter the MLM. Specifically for this video we will be exposing some Slimy MONAT tactics. Grab your coffee yall.

Thank you for watching!

Deanna M

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Deanna Mims says:

How do you feel about this recruitment tactic?👇🏻

L Google Account says:

I feel for her. Shes at a level of brainwash that she probably feels obligated to cold message strangers while she is on the toilet.

L Google Account says:

She obviously has never read The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley. Everyday people with regular jobs/careers that didnt have MLM side hustles.

L Google Account says:

I have been asked by many to peddle their company's wares or build a team. Plain and simple. I don't want to. I have two pensions, raised children, and work lightly part time from home in my industry now. I guess they think I don't have the right to sit idle after decades of working and child raising. Lol They are the ones that need to go sit down. They also have foul mouths, and that would not fly in my industry – a legitimate business where customers and prospects should be treated with respect not cursed and yelled at. And.. i was also a two decade military spouse. My service member at that time deployed nine times plus dets over 9/11 and I also volunteered to help commands with the families. Then was single… My goodness. They have such a great inability to be compassionate or have empathy that people do have lives and this magical unicorn opportunity is not for everyone.

Nicole Calcagno says:

If this broad called me lazy, I'd slap her in the face.. just saying. I've had two and three jobs since 2005 so.. come at me bro.

alicat79100 says:

Also, the lack of self awareness is unbelievable in this "individual" it's just mindblowing. Get over yourself. Yikes. I have secondhand embarrassment for this one. 🙄🙄

Candi says:


Candi says:

I’ve been here since the very beginning. It brings me so much joy to see your channel growing. And growing so rapidly! So proud of you sweet girl! Keep killing it! #ActualBossBabe

Santosha Veera says:

I keep getting MLM recruitment ads on your videos 😐. Guess they didn’t get the memo about what this video is about.

Z B says:

The ad before your vid is some lady selling a how to build your network marketing business 😂 YT Algorithm just sees MLM missed Anti in your vid title lol says:

Dude this is the definition of toxic work culture. Yes I’d love to be productive and get more on my to do list done but what’s more important is to to allow myself to relax and reset so I can go into the next day feeling rested. I realized that Most of the time when I don’t want to do chores around the house or run an errand is because I’m just fuckin tired AND THATS OKAY.

Cora Musgrave says:

I love how these girls talk about "the same 24hrs" as if literally 8 to 10 hours out of the day aren't dedicated to sleeping lol … I guess insomniacs are the most qualified to do this job 😂

Erin Everett says:

Ah! I have that coffee mug!

Sarah Ploharz says:

I got a mlm ad 😂😂😂

Meghan Grace DIY says:

Oh man. Ohhhhhh man. This drives me nuts becuase I am one of those people whose schedule is packed constantly. I teach full time, I play a sport, I have a youtube channel, I have a bf, the works. Do I get lazy sometimes? Yea and I slack a bit….but like seriously…..a little lazy for me is probably what I need sometime because I am running at 100 all the damn time. This is an awful message for the over achievers out there who don't know how to take time out for self care.

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