Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Scams In Nepal | Truth Behind Network Marketing Business

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Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies have been around for a long while now in Nepal. Yet their controversy seems endless. Although it seems ordinary on the surface, many of these companies have received a great amount of backlash, with entire communities built to oppose these companies (often labeled as the anti-MLM community).

A multi level marketing or network marketing business uses its distributors ― also called representatives or recruiters ― to sell products. They use word-of-mouth to get these recruiters to bring on additional people who can then distribute to a wider audience.

In this video, we dive into the MLM industry and the reasoning behind the backlash, as well as the shady practices some MLM companies use in order to keep their distributors inside the company.

Some of these practices include the selling of a “dream” and promises of high returns, wealth, residual income, or “financial freedom” if they join, whilst simultaneously promoting many self-help concepts.

One of the biggest problems with many MLMs is that they present an unrealistic idea of what the average person can accomplish by joining.

After studying 350 MLMs, the (Federal Trade Commission)FTC found that 99% of people who join multi-level marketing companies lose money. … If you join an MLM scheme then you only have a 1% chance of not losing money. Not a 1% chance of getting rich. A 1% chance of not losing money.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction
00:37 What is Multi Level Marketing(MLM)?
00:51 Normal Company Vs MLM Company
02:38 Are MLM companies legal in Nepal?
03:20 MLM Vs Pyramid Scheme
04:35 How are pyramid schemes presented to you?
05:49 Can you join MLM with Zero Investment?
07:05 What do they sell?
08:10 About Recruiting People
08:58 Can everyone earn money in MLM?
09:09 How will MLM business collapse mathematically?
10:33 Whom do they target?
11:30 Few Facts & Arrests
12:26 A short message to MLM brothers/sisters
13:38 A short message to few content creators
14:23 Pyramid Model in a JOB Vs MLM Company
16:04 Fraud MLM companies in Nepal
16:45 A message to all my viewers
17:31 Outro

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नत कुनै भिजन छ न त कुनै उदेश्य बस उनिहरुलाइ आफ्नो third class product बिकाउनु छ ।
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यहाँ सपना देखाउने र र त्यै सपना बेचेर अरुलाइ फसाउने काम भैराको छ।
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It's Me Shambhu says:

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Tapaile nai online income source ko barema vannu hunnxa.
Network marketing Nepal ma legal rupma Aile chali raxa Aile.
Yadi Network marketing industry prymide scam ho vaneko government job pani prymide scam ho dae.

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#The Social Revolution

RaJ AlA Singh says:

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Sandesh Baral says:

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Hari Bashyal says:

Informative video

Basanta Acharya says:

good content

bid_dhya says:

nice 1 …..

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