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I know this video is a bit rambley but I had a very difficult time filming it. Like I mention in the video, I have friends currently in MLMs and who rely on this income. I just do not like the companies business model or how they prey on families in need. Furthermore, if you are in one just know I do not judge your nor do I wish to make you feel bad. This video is simply to share my personal experience and nothing more.

A channel I would recommend if you want more info on these companies is KIKI CHANEL


Jessica Kent Vlogs says:

I know this video is rambley..I apologize but this is the 3rd time ive tried to film it. I don't want to upset anyone. Many, many good people are in MLMs. It's not the people I don't like (mostly lol) its the companies. When your business strategy is prey on the vulnerable…I can not support or be part of it. 😔

Heather LeiiGh says:

I fell "victim" to this saame exact "mlm"…to me they are ALL pyramid schemes. So Ive done sales since i started working st age 15(im now 30). Im pretty great at doing sales too and I also made great sales for the pyramid scheme company i was apart of but after doing out the math, even just for ONE MONTH..ANYYONE can seeee that you are basically doing all this work and selling your ass off Jussst to pay to buy morrre of the same products to sell again and if you're lucky you might make a few extra bucks but it REALLY, REALLLYY just isnt worth it. Also, I 100% agree that these types of companies basically train people to take advantage of other people so they can make money off them. Also, look at it this way… Everybodyyy has a downline…so if you follow that downline alllll the way up((Like a pyramid)), there is at least 1 person that allllllllll of this money is going to. From every single person and everybody elses downlines, they are making money. There eventually becomes a top so every person in these companies are more or less working tp put even more cash in the "top of the pyramids" pockets.

Rhea Galarneau says:

I used to work as a Nanny for some people who worked for Amway.

Sonja Lee says:

Omg! This literally JUST happened to me! Same company & everything. I’m so happy I didn’t fall for it. Actually none of the products appealed to me & that’s probably what saved me. PHEWSo happy you shed light on this subject. 👍🏻😅

Shalom Child says:

I like that you spoke on this topic, I have been invited to two, what I’d call get-rich-quick-schemes that seemed too-good-to-be true and ending up being that. Much love Jessica, I tell family and friends about you 💖

VCast329 says:

Does anyone know if Herbalife is an MLM? I know someone who sells it and it just seems really shady.

Kat S says:

Hey jess, (or others I'm not picky) I was just wondering if you know any of the information on the "It Works" weightloss stuff? Like I'm not looking to use it I'm just curious if it is dangerous or anything I know someone people who used to use it but it didn't do much for them

Suzanne says:

If you like a company's product and use it, go ahead and buy it. The requirement to auto draft each month to get more product should be a red flag that they aren't getting customers to come rushing back to get more.

A few friends do MLMs, like Pampered Chef, Scentsy, and Color Street. It's side income, it's stuff they use anyway. I will buy a product here and there from PC because I like them. Join? Heck no.

Suzanne says:

Important message here. I knew about It Works because of someone who was raving about it on a message board I belonged to, but she clearly wasn't making money. The name alone said to me that they have to try to convince people to get the product. THEN came the crappy pictures in different lighting situations where she tried to convince people 'that crazy wrap thing' helped her lose weight or that her hair grew from using their Hair Skin Nails.

Meanwhile, 99.5% of the ENTIRE company (Double Diamond and below) earns less per year (on average) than the typical person with a job after earning a bachelor's degree, and most people don't average over $2,000 a month until they work at it for 13 months. That's barely above the poverty guideline for a family of 3 in the US – and you KNOW those people are working far more than 40 hours a week blitzing to make that money.

I did a LOT of research on this one because of the woman claiming how wonderful it was and I found a ton of information about them and how they run the business. I started a new job in my career, where we all made more than a Double Diamond as our starting wage. After a few months, a coworker wanted to earn more asked me if I knew anything about It Works because she thought she could make a lot of money selling it on the side. I sent her a half dozen articles from reputable sources (our job involved a lot of research, so I had the proof). She joined anyway.

This woman made $1,000 a week and she was swayed by the potential of the Ruby bonus of a mere $250. She found out I spent many successful years in retail sales management and begged me to sign up under her 'just so i can get the credit for Ruby, you don't have to sell anything' and I pointed out all the reasons that was WRONG. We'd become good friends before she joined and I had a serious conversation with her about lying to people about your product and how you're doing with it never works well for 95% of the population.

She started taking Confianza and stopped taking her other psychiatric meds for anxiety and ADHD. She suggested I try it for my severe ADHD, I asked to see what the ingredients are (due to many allergies). She said they're all natural, you'll be fine. I responded, no sweetie, I'm allergic to penicillin and about 15 other 'natural' things, I need to know what's in it before I subject myself to a month or more of hives. She persisted. "You know what, sweetie? Arsenic and cyanide are also all natural -and they KILL people! That's not an effective selling tactic." She finally stopped.

However, ditching her meds made her forget to do things necessary to the job. She missed meetings with clients, she missed go live dates. She got fired.

It seems she also forgot to pay some bills, and two weeks later, her car (50 of 60 payments made) got repoed. She was blowing up Facebook and blitzing everywhere within walking distance of her apartment, trying to get people to join and talking about how wonderful It Works is. Someone offered to buy some of the crazy wraps and told her to drop by her house. "I can't, I don't have a car". Killed all credibility with everyone after saying how wonderful her life was working for ItWorks.

Lost her apartment soon after that. Started couch surfing, first at her upline's house. That went south pretty quickly.

Can't get a job in a field where she made a decent living anymore, all because she was snowed by the promise of a $250 bonus that she had to spend $1000 on product to get….

Kijahlovex says:

The only way to make money from sales is to place your order and sell those items to people you know. ItWorks is definitely a scam though. Cost me $3,000. Made $30. Lmao

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