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Network Marketing Prospecting – TOP 3 Prospecting Skills

In this video I’m sharing with you 3 TOP tips to improve your prospecting inside your Network Marketing business:

1) Get internal accountability.

Most people think that accountability is just going to an upline, to a sideline, to a downline and saying: “Hey, can you be my accountability partner?”.

That’s amazing, but you also need to have internal accountability as I explain in the video, if you want to maximize your Network Marketing prospecting results.

2) Keep growing your list.

When you have a big list, you go through it very very quickly.

So, you need to make sure you have so many people to talk to all the time.

And the best way to do it is to use the FAM process, which stands for Find, Add, Message.

3) Understand you have the gift.

Whether it’s the product or the service, doesn’t matter.

Don’t get negative when people are negative to you… keep giving the gift!

So, when it comes to Network Marketing prospecting, all you have to do is: internal accountability, grow your list, and then make sure you are continuing to give the gift.

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Frazer Brookes says:

Don’t forget to check out the best way to build your business using social media here:

Chris says:

I will be a 6A2 in the next 90 days by April 21 2021!!!

Karen Walker says:

Truly Valuable – sharing this with my Team….. I will be Director 2 Platinum – in 89 Days !!

Sandra Caldecott says:

15% in 90 days

Sara Sweet099 says:

I am an executive in 90 days

Shelley Bascome says:

Thanks for the discipline formula & encouragement,

rahul verma says:

I am gold director in 90 days

Jane Larson says:

I am a Unit manager in 90 days

Joye Dillehay says:

Great information as always. I love your analogies!

Karen Burchell says:

Loved the analogies!

Bonnie McLaughlin says:

I and my team will be at level 8 in 90 days!😊

Paul Sheldon says:

I am a Star Leader in 90 days!

Nicky Young says:

My takeaway is Internal Accountability And in 90 days I will be an Area Manager

Kirsty Bell says:

Thank you for your tips Frazer, everything you are giving me to use to grow my MLM business I am so grateful for. All 3 tips listed are useful and valuable at the same time, no one are the same but each represent something to enable a person to go far in life. Many thanks and look forward to seeing you on Dash for Cash 🙂

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