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Network Marketing Training – How To Turn Your Customers Into Promoters

If you want to turn your Network Marketing customers inro promoters, then this Network Marketing Training video is for you.

First and foremost, let’s talk why this is important.

Usually, for every 5 people that join you, 4 are customers and 1 is a distributor.

And, maybe, you’re very good at getting sales, but less good at getting business builders, so this Network Marketing Training video is exactly for you.

So how do you turn a customer into a promoter?

1) Good Customer Service

Network Marketing is the best industry in the world for the potential to have the best customer service in the world.

And make sure you use the “Follow Up Friday” strategy as I explain in detail in the video.

2) Ask a Very Simple Question

Ask a very simple question, usually after they’ve made their second order.

This question will absolutely change the game for you, so make sure you watch the video to learn it.

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To watch again this Network Marketing Training video click here:


Araba Akoni says:

Awesome tips. It's easier for people to buy products than for them to join an opportunity. So true. I'm in Health & Wellness. Thanks Frazer

Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center says:

Value. Currently have about 8 customers. Legal Services

Karen Kalembo says:

Thank you for the best advice am into Longrich

Sylwi La Terra says:

30 clients / health mlm

Sandrine Ramoisy says:

Loved the tip, thank you:)
Health and wellness

Debbie Rice says:

Hi Frazer, I am in a health and wellness company with Organic add to water bottle powders. I typically have 30 to 50 preferred customers ongoing monthly and want to grow even more partners on my team from my preferred customers. Thank you for the scripts and tips. You always provide so much value to us!

Judy Rosati says:

Always Learn something from you Frazier! Skin, cleaning and Pet care

Nwachosen Ada says:

Health and wellness but i have no customer yet for a year now.

Loretta Nwandu says:

This is so high value. Thanks Frazer.

Norerys Govea says:

Great video Frazer as usual! I'm in the Essential Services Business

Kristie Sonnamaker says:

Sharing this on our team page, thank you so much for this!! 🙌

Kristie Sonnamaker says:

I am so excited for this!! 🙌

Chela Ruiz says:

I am in the Beauty & Wellness business. Natural vegan and cruelty free.

All Kangen Water TV says:

Wow! Such a high value video! Thank you!

Heather McClure Winger says:

Travel business

DrPuvenMelbourne says:

wellness products

Christina Z. says:

A few customers in the financial industry.

Judit Schmidt says:

Thanks for the hints and tips 🙂 Im in CBD business

Larisa Bangs says:

I have 2,780 customers so far in wellness!

aji SUKMANA says:

health n wealth product

aji SUKMANA says:

great idea and tons of value. thanx a alot 😊

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