Network Marketing vs Real Estate – Who Makes More Money?

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Which should you choose? We spent almost a year gathering the numbers, and according to the data, one of these is FAR superior than the other.

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Pipeline: How sales reps earn money
01:58 – How a real estate agent sells a house
03:19 – What real estate agents are really looking for
04:29 – Why we did this research
05:42 – Reverse-engineering the data to find the real numbers
07:33 – Why some real estate agents never sell a house
08:30 – Odds of making big money in real estate
08:58 – How to lie with statistics
09:26 – How many homes do you need to sell?
11:08 – Real estate compared to Network Marketing (the data!)
12:53 – Becoming effective in your business
15:25 – Where the big anti-MLM arguments came from
17:42 – Bottom line – here’s what creates success
18:12 – Compounding – Why Network marketing has better success rates

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Tasha McNabb Moore says:

I love this, I am also in NWM but I am in WFG so we have to purchase courses because it is in insurance a lot of people don't finish courses

Josh Dill says:

Thanks, Tim. Love these videos. Question for you… at 11:11 you start going through the network marketing data and compare it to Real Estate. Where is this data on network marketing coming from?

Sharon Rose says:

luv luv this. Also with an online automated system that goes with this business…game changer!

Santos Ruano says:

Excellent video!!
And I would like to add all continued business expenses that a Real Estate agent has, and which he/she pays every month. From desk fees, flyers, gas to be driving from one house to another, cards…
Thank you Tim!!

keny nanton says:

Well yeah, that's what we expected

alex aleks says:

Good video!!

Raymond Chin says:


Residual Income with Michael Arrick says:

Thank you Tim love you videos so true !
80 % of my team is real estate professionals

Keethan Nadarajah says:

Numbers never lie…Thanks Tim, that is eye-opening…Great stuff and thanks for your research and sharing

George ruiz says:

Great comparison!! I was in real estate before, both as investor and also selling it. One of my niche is working with real estate agents, this is similar to what I show them. It is the same with insurance or securities sales, they need a licence and just a small percent is a six figure earner.

albertxpi fernandez says:

Thanks tim here in our country before year 2000 anybody as long he is a high school graduate can be a real estate agent all he has do pass SEC exam and sponsored by a license broker by year 2010 the law makers here made a law that you have to be a college graduate and pass a board exam which mean is like taking a board exam like doctors and atty before your given with the a license making it harder to be a license real estate exam. So what brokers to do spli the 5 % commission so that does who dont have a license will do the first part to 3rd part of the pipeline the license one will only be present on the closing of the deal. 3% goes to unlicense doing the pipeline while 2% split by the license broker and license real estate agent. Which means some license agent are get commission with doing nothing just because he or she has a license

Defensive Driving says:

Nice video Tim. I would like to see a comparison with restaurant businesses because I believe the statistics are worst with restaurants. People could say what they want about MLMS but Dan Lok is the worst than the whole MLM industry.

Wilmor says:

I always liked your training, Tim. It is such an eye opener for me. I learned every time I watch and watch again your videos.

Brandon T says:

Great video Tim! Finally, someone bringing real data to the table! All these other people are always putting "data" out to fit their narratives. Great job sir!

Stephane Page says:

Such an eye opener. For years we’ve been in the dark as to the statistics. We didn’t have any comparison. This real estate comparison is ingenious! Network marketing does make sense on paper and in reality!

Thank you for such a powerful explanation!

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