Primerica: The Insurance MLM

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Kate Chamberlain says:

A few years ago, when I was going through a divorce and broke, a coworker convinced me to attend a meeting. We attended the meeting and it was held in a suite in one of those formerly residential buildings in a weird area by an industrial park. I sat through the whole pitch and it was super sketchy. Also the cookies sucked

Either before or after that, I don't remember, she and I met up with the man who would have been her upline and my up-up-line.. it was at a Hastings cafe or Barnes & Noble cafe, something like that.

The whole thing was yucky and sketchy

Lennox Jeffrey says:

Speaking from experience. 5 years ago I sat with a couple in their 30’s that had a whole life police $120,000 of Insurance for $126 a month. I was able to give them $250,000 of Term Insurance 30 years + $20,000 for all of their children under age 25. The only bad to pay $74 a month for it total. The policy had a increasing benefit rider on it that allowed the policy to grow an extra 10% for the first 10 years to double the coverage to $500,000 in that 10 years. Fast forward to 5 years later. The husband passed away from covid. The company processed the death claim and death certificate then overnighted a check if $350,000 to give to my client tax free. My client over that 5 years only paid a little over $4300 in total but received $350,000 dollars. The original company they were with issued a letter to their clients that covid is a pandemic and clients wouldn’t be covered if they died from covid because it is a catastrophic event. If I didn’t help them that wife would have received nothing. Please someone tell me how this is a scam when I have seen first hand the life insurance and the investment side where clients have benefited from much higher interest rates than just letting their money sit in a back. Thank you everyone for your time but once again please tell me how this is a scam. P.S. I noticed most people complaining never got licensed so how serious were they about having the ability to help others and make money doing it while keeping your current job.

Grant Veneman says:

There are so many false claims in this video. I enjoy your videos a lot. But this one…this is just way off that mark. I'm sorry

Grant Veneman says:

Primerica works similarly to the Real Estate business model. Is real estate as an industry an MLM? no. Does this answer your question?

Greg Howe says:

I went to one of the "seminars" once when I was pretty desperate, I didn't give them my email or phone number thankfully

SCFlair says:

A classmate once told me if I could help him with a homework first. He told me to meet at Wendy's. I noticed the semester at college had not started yet, but I assumed it was one of those demanding courses that require you to read the chapters ahead of time, so I accepted to meet with him. Then this guy with a briefcase shows up, telling me that my classmate was doing pretty well financially, and asked if I was interested on a proposition this guy had for me.
I asked him, "what is it about?"
He insisted: "You have to tell me if you are interested first."
I insisted: "How am I going to be interested if I don't know what this is about."
Then he said: "Then there's no point of having this conversation" and he left, just like that.

What a waste of time. But I rewarded myself with a burger.

Sal Partida says:

I was skeptical about Primerica myself….until my mom joined a few months ago….she’s made a decent amount of money from it 🙂 it probably is just a side thing for now but she enjoys it..

diaxxa says:

Yooy friend just convinced me to join primerica!!

Q Cote says:

Back when my college was in person some guy camped outside my mathclass and tried to recruit me into this scheme. At the time I had no idea what it was but I got a really bad feeling aboht it. Dodged a fuckin bullet there

kboo says:

Dude my mom is in an mlm😢

Marcus Allen says:

Are there any licensed agents here in the comments?

Every insurance and real estate company is an MLM, you’re either recruiting or selling. it’s how the industry works. This is funny to listen to. Every insurance company has had the same complaints.

Kaye Compton says:

I joined Primerica in 09/10 when I was a wee lamb. I thought I was going in to interview for an office position. I quit a few months in. The atmosphere was too sickly sweet for me; the dripping enthusiasm, the smiles everywhere ALL THE TIME, and the expectation of a constant perky attitude! It reminded me a lot of The Stepford Wives or a cult. They were all very nice to me, but I couldn't keep up with it. They asked for too much. They were calling if I didn't make a meeting (which were several times a week), they wanted us to do seminars, conventions, classes, etc, and OF COURSE, one of the first things you do when you sign on is buy life insurance from your mentor.

thepizzacar pizza says:

talk about escobar please

Esteban Hughell says:

Oh wow, I remember these people tried recruiting me and claimed they were offering me a job. When I saw that they had unpaid training and no base pay I walked away. Another factor was I am not the biggest fan of the insurance industry and wouldn't feel comfortable selling a product I wouldn't use. When the guy saw I wasn't interested in working for them he tried to sell me insurance I laughed it off cause at the time I was a single college student living in southern California.

Wesley Nishi says:

The problem with Primerica is not the product themselves, nor their price and nor what it sells. The problem is what they convince people to buy because of the people they recruit. The "financial advisors" they recruit have little to no training, often sell extremely expensive mutual funds and all focus is on recruiting new advisors. Agents can sell proper products, but often these agents rarely understand the funds they sell. The problem with this is that financial planning suggested to clients is often woefully inadequate for their clients. Unlike just being out $50 on a crappy essential oil, or leggings, clients are led to believe they are ready for retirement, come to find out too late, they are not. Losing money on a crappy product is a life lesson. Losing 20 years to invest and save wisely can ruin a life and retirement. In Canada, I've seen Primerica agents sell ridiculously risky funds, segregated funds (expensive insurance mixed mutual funds) sold to clients and ridiculous growth expectations used to sell funds. Yet Primerica Canada has OK mutual funds and insurance available for sale, from reputable investment firms. Add the fact that it is an MLM recruiting., they recruit and give minImal to no training to advisors, suggests that the problem is indeed with how the products are sold.

The tricky part with Primerica is that what they sell to products is in itself not the problem. The problem is what exactly they sell to clients as financial planning. Financial advisors is not something you can just pick up with minimal training. This makes Primerica a much more dangerous MLM than any other.

J On says:

Everyone in these comments make no sense. How about you just say YOU didn’t want to work for you. So many people have change their lives from actually learning the business. You find any excuse to quit because 90% are quitters. Get your license do the work and change your life or make excuses your whole life and work for someone else. And when hard times hit just like now in 2020 you cry. I’m a hard working black man in America. A hard working father and husband from the deadliest city in Southern California San Bernardino look it up. I saw my shot and I took it and this business has changed my life. But I put in the real work. And as for this Illuminati channel. In MLMs you can never!! I repeat never make more money than the person who brought you in or the ones above you. In primerica you can because they don’t matter. Your work matters.

Paquita El Maestro says:

Some primerica people lied to me about a job interview. When I got there they asked me some questions as if I was in a real job interview and then they said I had the job, but I would not have a salary and I had to pay for some course. They did everything they could to convince me to quit college.

Anna Vanuitert says:

So my husband attempted to do the opportunity 7 years ago. It didn't work out for him or us, through the experience we were able to get pretty inexpensive life insurance and we were first time life insurers. The opportunity maybe difficult to get started, however, the products are sound. We almost had to use to his life insurance last November to do an unexpected medical complication which was caught sooner versus later. We were really happy to have that in place, because the unexpected is just that, unexpected. If you don't have life insurance we would highly recommended getting something place, our preference is with PriMerica. .

GalacticNova Studios says:

As someone who spent some time with this mlm I’ll tell you some facts. It’s actually a pretty decent company besides literally everything. Maybe it was just my experience but they were extremely supportive up until I didn’t want to recruit. Then they became passively aggressive about it. I did genuinely learn a lot from this so now I refer to it as a class I took rather then a job I held. What made me quit however was when I got hit by a car and couldn’t make it into the meetings and they did nothing to help accommodate me being trapped in a wheelchair.

Now I did say I learnt a lot. But I don’t recommend going to one of the reps, however a former employee by the name of Dave Ramsey you might have heard of, is a published expert. I would definitely suggest following him. They preach about his books and concepts that started in primerica and then perfected by him before being adopted by the company in his improved form where they take credit for his work. There are a few other successful people who have left this company but I would start with him mostly as he is the only one I really remember and is the one people will remember the best. As for his involvement of primerica he does actively preach about how over priced and unnecessary they are. So keep that in mind before sitting down with one of them

Now I’m going to say I’m extremely in favor of by term and invest the difference but this works best when you are much younger. I at 21 will see much more benefit out of it then someone at even 35 and definitely more. Just don’t go through primericas investments or insurance

Olivia Moore says:

fun fact: Primerica "saleslady" called me and told she wanted me to join. Mentioned I have a 4-40 License, (Customer Service Representative License for INSURANCE AGENTS)…… she didn't know what it was and asked if I was friendly

Elp Smith says:

My sister almost got sucked into Primerica

Miguel Recendez says:

How di you expect to get $ if you don't have god wirk ethics. You are lazy

ginger says:


Outer says:

sentences blair thought she would have never said
"Lets get into why an insurance company should not be an mlm."

Julia Swinney says:

In conclusion PRIMERICA is the best company in the financial market 🙌

Luke Bennett says:

so is your body made of glass or stone ???

Mel M says:

I also got recruited into this… I’m like this isn’t a normal insurance job 🙃

Hadassah A says:

You missed the chargebacks.
I was reeled in when I was looking for a job! After high school, they set me up for an “interview” and made me feel like it was a hourly paying job. They had me come in and cold call on insurance polices on my 1st day. After my 2nd meeting I realized it was a pyramid and years later (2016) I gave my sisters up line a chance to change my mind (I had saving, so I was in a position where I could spend time on the side making extra cash) and after taking the classes etc he was meeting my sister for a meeting and said I could join since I was going to be learning what they were going to go over eventually… well, to my surprise he lied to me when I asked him if he had mentioned EVERYTHING when I allowed him to convince me. He never mentioned the chargebacks. Chargebacks are when a client of yours cancels their insurance policy within the 1st year. And you get charged back the money you were awarded for that policy!!! Yup, (I was so upset, I ended up finding out my cousin owed $4,000 in chargebacks) and on top of that, they go for the vulnerable. Low income uneducated people that don’t have a clue about life insurance and live paycheck to paycheck. Like wouldn’t you sell to middle class and up? Well no cause they’d have the common sense to research or think about it. Beware and tell anyone that mentions it to you. Oh and 2 years later I was harassed by some bimbo that thought she could convince me to join her team by pressuring me that she would end my license on issuing insurance policies. (They wanted me so bad because of the way I talk and can literally sell anything. But I work for a company that aligns with my morals) any who let anyone know that mentions joining Primerica

krinirin says:

I had an Instagram follower I don’t know ask me if I was interested in joining her team.


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