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He’s an American businessman, investor, self-help author, motivational speaker and radio personality.

He’s the founder of the Rich Dad Company.

He has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

He’s Robert Kiyosaki and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.

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1. Experience makes you smarter
A fourth-generation Japanese American, Kiyosaki was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii.

2. The more you give, the more you receive
After graduating from Hilo High School in 1965, Kiyosaki attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York.

3. Change the way you think
After graduating from college in New York, Kiyosaki began his career by taking a job with Standard Oil’s tanker office. He resigned after 6 months to join the Marine Corps.

4. Focus
He served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam War in 1972, where he was awarded the Air Medal.

5. Hard times bring new opportunities
Kiyosaki was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in June 1974. He then joined Xerox as an sales associate until June 1978.

6. Design the business properly
In 1977, Kiyosaki entered the retailing industry. He started a company that brought to market the first nylon and Velcro “surfer” wallets.

7. Know what you are working hard for
In 1994, he retired at the age of 47. In 1997, he launched Cashflow Technologies, a business education company which owns the Rich Dad and Cashflow brands.

8. Don’t be afraid of losses
A financial literacy advocate, Kiyosaki has been a proponent of entrepreneurship, business education, investing, and that financial literacy should be taught in schools around the world.

9. Aim to acquire assets
Kiyosaki also maintains a monthly column on Yahoo Finance.

10. Stop saving money, hedge it
His sister, Emi Kiyosaki, is a former Tibetan Buddhist nun. He has co-authored one book with Emy called “Rich Brother, Rich Sister”.


I have a suggestion for top 10 rules for success : Robert Kiyosaki. What do you think?

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Bobbito Chicon says:

? Im doing everything wrong.

Ed Pooler says:

My attitude about money is that money is a tool. A tool which can grow through the acquiring of assets and the elimination of liabilities. Thank you Mr. Kiyosaki.

arun kumar Singh says:

Robert is genius. Have changed many lives

nga dang says:

Teacher A.J.Hoge takes me to here :)))

Oratile Nonyane says:

Hello There!! Irecommend that you create the Top 10 Rules for Success based upon Mr. LI-Ka Shing's success.
Thank You!!!

pierrebrseven says:

I would like to see Dave Ramsey profiled.

Mystery Buyer says:

I love it when bill collectors call. I know I don't have to pay them and it's fun hearing from them.

Katherine K says:

While I LOVE Robert, he has a lot of amazing ideas, and he actually inspired me to study business, it is important to remember the context in which he became wealthy: an incredible boom in Hawaiian real estate… which he then parlayed into a successful publishing career. A lot of his ideas about using debt fall on their face in bad economic conditions and there are a lot of people who simply don't have the resources to come back from that kind of fall.

Le Cuisinier UK says:

We needs to keep listen and learn. Robert Kiyosaki is the best and inspirational.

Jerome Christopher P. David says:

Everything is the best ten rules for success for me. They worked as a team.

Barry John says:

He says the best time to make the most money is during a depression. He's correct but once again, where is the ethics? Just make money, don't think about the people who are losing out. Money never disappears, it is simply transferred at times of economic depression, from the poor and middle class to the rich. See the hidden secrets of money by Mike Maloney if you really want to learn about money. You will then see the whole picture. All the best..

Dev Anglin says:

Hedge was the key factor! Great share!!

Diaz Jerwin says:

This man is my #1 idol. Rich dad said: If you want to be rich just make it simple..

PC Chin says:

I was doing such a silly mistake before now by trading Forex/Binary Option and stocks without making inquires from great dealers and Brokers who always forecast the market trends before investing my money into it, Mr Frank Robert is a sincere and GOD fearing Broker/Account Manager who always forecast the market trends for me adding to his strategy and software that makes me a winner all the time with sweet rewards of 100% of my traded capital, Frank you will continue to go higher in all you do in life sir.

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