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0:00 Intro
01:56 My Amway Story
4:32 Interview

Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan:
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Scott Tex Johnson says:

All the groups that I'm aware of normally try to get people who start dating to marry each other, the upline's strategy in this case must have been they knew a marriage with her first boyfriend wouldn't work out because they knew he was sleeping around with other IBOs at the same time and the eventual divorce wouldn't look good. Everything is done to protect the image of the scam, that's the real cardinal rule.

When I was in Amway/Quixtar, there was a crossline couple who were dating and they got married earlier in the day on a Saturday monthly seminar weekend and came to the afternoon session dressed in their wedding clothing just to show "loyalty." This was about 20+ years ago, their names are Willy and Crystal Seed, in the Yager/Wilson group in the Dallas, TX area, he was a southeast Asian tech guy and she was into acting. Don't know what happened to them, but they were probably caught up in the 2007 Orrin Woodward & Co. debacle which took Wilson with them. BWW (Britt World Wide) is the spawn of Yager, both of them are dead but their scams live on….

Alex Bishop says:

omg, love this jane doe. she's so honest! appreciate her being so brave and sharing her experience.

Verina Musherure says:

This was the MLM that recruited me. Glad I left. So damn glad that I left. Somone that I care about is still in and a desperately hope that they leave. I just hope and pray that they get out before it's too late

Pancakegr8 says:

Amway has legitimately ruined mine and so many other peoples lives.

Lara Corum says:

A few weeks ago, I tried to k___ myself. Now I’m in a group therapy trying to work through my traumas and abandonment/people-pleasing issues. The worst part is that I was in 2 MLMs during 2020 trying to feel like part of something.

In December, I started a YouTube channel for AntiMLM videos, just getting started. But I also shared my story on my channel. And I think it brought up a lot of emotions. Even so, it’s been an incredibly difficult time even beyond the MLMs. But the MLMs exacerbated my mental health due to the brainwashing and boundary-crossing traumas I experienced. I am still dealing with so much fallout.

I’m a little better now, trying to heal. My therapy is helping with coping from trauma. I had to take a break from uploading videos due to all of this, but I do enjoy making AntiMLM content. I feel like any time someone watches my video, I am helping to spread awareness and my message, and doing a small part in keeping others from going through what I experienced with Usborne and Arbonne. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Thank you for listening if you read all of this.

And to the Jane Doe, you were so brave to share your story. Thank you so much, and you are loved.

P.S. I’d love an AntiMLM lifeboat 😂🥰

N. Night says:

I had a teacher in elementary school that sold Amway and have heard of a nutrilite production facility somewhat local to me. Other than that the only time I hear about it is in stories like this.

Kath Mack says:

Wow. This girl gives me the courage to speak out in a video soon. I spent 5 years in Amway (+contracted with world wide dream builders, an educational system to help build the business) and basically peed away 72k in products, functions, travel, etc. I was craving an Amway video from this channel!! Thank you 🙏🏼

ElleahWC says:

Wow, the enmeshment in these teams is crazy. Like, it's a job, it is none of your business what my personal life is like. But I actually think it's that these people have been inside so long they have no idea that this isn't normal. I was watching some Beachbody calls on Kiki Chanel's channel and it occurred to me that those women really think yelling at someone is normal professional behavior.

Lady V says:

A guy I worked with years ago was contacted by a former roommate who wanted to "catch up". He invited the guy over. Guy shows up with an older man who he introduced as his father in law to be and mentor. Turns out former roommate was recruited into Amway by his fiancée and her dad who convinced him that his accounting degree was worthless and his goal of getting his CPA license was a loser move, and the real $$$$$ was in Amway. They were there to try to recruit my co worker and his wife. My co worker was an engineer. His guests told him he would just remain a broke "loser" unless he joined Amway. Then they proceeded to dump all over other people they knew who were teachers, nurses, non-mlm businesspersons, etc, saying that they were necessary but would never amount to much unless the got into Amway. My coworker, in telling this, was very unhappy about the loss of this friend who was a good guy but who had been brainwashed.

SallyOVO says:

The intro to this has got me so excited to watch!!

Mary Estrella says:

What about nature’s sunshine ? Make a video about them… 😱 my dad was part of sunshine i remember going with him to mattings , we will get to the place at 9 pm and leave a 2-3 am … now I realize all they did was brain wash people to recruit others 🤦🏻‍♀️.


They provide awesome quality products which helped me in improving my life.. I don't agree to this stuff..

K JL says:

Argentinian here! We definitely need to change our perspective on MLMs in South America.

Sarah Bee says:

That whole selling books and CDs thing sounds like Scientology.

Lauren Conrad says:

You talked a lot in the videos about how both Amway and cults restrict who their members can date. But would it be a problem if a workplace had a rule against dating amongst full time employees with benefits? I always thought of that as an understandable guideline because A. If the couple breaks up, continuing to work at the company can be painfully awkward and B. If it’s a relationship between a boss and employee, that becomes a power imbalance that’s not healthy and can lead to darker things involving sexual harassment. Just wondering. 🙂

Lauren Conrad says:

"That Betsy, who was the secretary of education under the Trump administration." Oh, how I love hearing those words said in the past tense. lol

Kelly Boyd says:

I dont know if they are popular in America but you should do a video on forever living. I done a video on my experience and wow got a lot of backlash from those still in it

Erika Pinto says:

My dad has been in Amway for 20 years. It’s literally the worst and has torn apart my family. I’ve tried so many times to talk to him but he is in too deep. He is willing to give up his family because Amway tells him “they won’t understand you’re doing it for them” it’s infuriating. I have been to many a meeting (not by choice) and they are crazy cult. So materialistic. And they’re messaging system is just to spread tips and tricks on how to FORM people Into meetings and sh*t. I could go on forever. I hate it

Alexis Ambrosini says:

Jeezzzz.. can't believe what I'm hearing but not surprised. These mlms are disgusting and feel bad for all these innocent people they pray on. Waiting for the day none of these scams exist

Laura L. Parr says:

Okay so Amway sounds like the ultimate emotional abuser and it was familiar to you because your dad (and his belief systems) were incredibly abusive as well. As a survivor personally, I am not sorry I have to be the good ass friend/bad guy: you need to work on filling up your emotional voids with self love through a therapist and whatever other avenues you deem fit (as long as it is healthy). Im not saying your relationship cant make it but over time, trust cannot be replenished. You will keep repeating the same patterns of "falling for the things that sounds too good to be true" in other areas of your life if you dont take care of the main issues. Its not easy but I swear to you its worth it. Am I taking attributions? Hells yeah. Do I regret it? No. You sound like a badass driven woman and you deserve an amazing life and an amazing partner, but you also deserve amazing love, and that starts with you.

VSC CA says:

My brother passed away at 29 unexpectedly. He had a close “friend “ that he worked with and hung around him outside of work. His “friend “ spent the whole time at the wake talking about Amway. .While people were trying to grieve he was trying to sign them up aggressively. And that is the reason I hate Amway.

Libby Mattingly says:

My upline would encourage us to go out and about in our free time – Walmart, target, malls, etc. to “meet people” and “build our business”. Most of his downline would get together at his place on the weekends (when most of us were free) and we would ride together to tons of different populated areas to try and recruit (they don’t like that word) people to come to the weekly meeting so they could “see the plan”.

He, and his upline, would train/coach all of his downline to say specific prompts to use when out in public to strike conversation with people so we could subtly steer the conversation towards “oh, what do you do for work?” and then “are you interested in making money outside of that?”

So twisted. I don’t know how I got sucked in so deep. I literally moved across the country to escape when I finally got out.

Carly Winn says:

My cousin was in Amway and it was such a financial burden it destroyed his marriage. I have a guy contacting me now trying to recruit me and wants me to recruit my husband. No way in Hell would I join.

Kylie Moyses says:

Omg I could tell you everything she is saying is absolutely 100% true!!! I was in amway for 3 years. It's so messed up they basically have 40 separate companies who "teach" people to use amway as a distribution center. So amway can get away with saying they are not an mlm because they are just " distributing the products". To stay active in one of these companies you have to keep a monthly membership with with the company. Then you have to pay (also monthly) for communication apps like texting isn't a thing🙄. Then you have to attend four major conferences (tickets are anywhere from $100 to $250 not including travel and hotel) a year to qualify to receive bonuses. Regional rallies once a month($20 to $25 a person) and then weekly house plans. If you don't keep up with these things your upline will threaten to "not give you their time". Which sounds ridiculous but when your in it your taught that your upline giving you their time is like a celebrity talking to you or something. You are told things all the time like" your upline is your lifeline". So if you sacrifice your relationship with your upline you are going to kill your business.
Its such a manipulative and aggressive cycle.

The rules that she "broke" about dating someone else in the business. They have a system called "the cardinal rules" its essentially like their version of the 10 commandments. You are told if you ever brake the cardinal rules you can be removed from the training company.

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