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For some people, working with an Multi Level Marketing Insurance Company can be a great way to build an insurance agency. Unfortunately, the way that most of these companies recruit agents, is extremely manipulative and [More] – The Truth About Life Insurance Careers – Multi-Level Marketing [Part 1 Of 3] David Duford discusses the truth about life insurance careers, detailing the realities of working with a life insurance multi-marketing company, [More]
Lies and deception of these Insurance MLM/Network Marketing/Pyramids Organizations EXPOSED. Will continue to add frequent updates, if this video disappears its because these companies and their leadership will try to suppress it, but this video [More]
This was a funny stream highlight that I figured some people might enjoy. I was almost dragged into a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme some time ago. In this story I talk about some of the [More] – Insurance Sales – Why I Love Multi-Level Marketing Life Insurance Agencies In today’s video, David Duford, founder of Final Expense Agent Mentor, takes an unusual stance on why he appreciates multi-level marketing life [More]