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Today I’ve got a special guest on the show from Spain, here to tell his story of what can happen in someone’s life when you give them a little bit of encouragement toward their dreams [More]
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There’s the stuff we say on social media. And then there’s the stuff we really mean. Marketers are determined to figure out the latter. For several years, companies have been listening to people’s chatter on [More]
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Some people are natural storytellers. But anyone can become a great storyteller. So how do you go about formulating your story? In today’s video I focus on the first step of becoming a great story [More]
3 Specific Techniques Every SaaS Product Marketer Should Know
The Apple Watch is blowing up. Analysts predict that around 15 million units will be sold this year. That’s a great start. To compare, Android Wear sold 720,000 units in 2014. And while Apple hasn’t [More]
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First things first: Find a company that speaks to you. A company whose products you believe in and have true interest in. If you choose a company based solely on perceived income potential, you will [More]
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