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There are many reasons to engage in Networking or MLM, but the most important are:
Quality of life
Time to live
Time, time, time.
(Each time I see and hear what surprised me more)

The man works an average of 10 hours. 50 hours per week 200 hours a month working in a year 2.400 hours The average working man’s life is 40 years, if multiplied by the 2,400 hours a year to work as a result gives us our life 96.000 hours worked, which pays us for our effort and dedication, not by others.

In the LEVERAGE (your effort to the work of others) all your work and earnings are a completely different way. If we have a network of 100 partners working two hours daily (2 x 100) are 200 hours of work per day from our team. 1,000 hours per week (no weekend work) 4,000 hours in a month 48.000 hours in a year 96.000 hours in two years (what we would do, our whole life working in a traditional system).

The opportunity is taken by the wants, this is not forcing anyone. “Human beings never manage to make fortunes because they spend their entire working life” Rockefeller.

Greetings and success! Daniel Francisco
Facebook: danielfrancisco5
Skype: danielfrancisco5


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