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Today is another ANTI-MLM/MLM scam video! We are taking a look at conventions, which are very popular in the MLM space. Hopefully you find this video educational, above all else, and are able to reframe the way you look at these conventions, if you have not done so before. Enjoy! As always, leave a like, subscribe, and turn notifications on for the next time I upload a video! ✩


Self-Help Books – George Carlin –
Influencer Rachel Hollis Is Facing Accusations She Is Plagiarizing On Her Instagram – BuzzFeed News (Stephanie McNeal) –
Girl, Get Some Footnotes: Rachel Hollis, Hustle, and Plagiarism Problems – Christianity Today (Katelyn Beaty) –
Collagen: ‘Fountain of Youth’ or Edible Hoax? –
“Girl, Wash Your Face” Is A Massive Best-Seller With A Dark Message – BuzzFeed News (Laura Turner) –
Coach Summit 2019 Rachel Hollis Speech –

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TheLaney says:

Michael: So, Phil recruited me to sell these cards, and now I am recruiting you.
Oscar: Who is this guy again?
Michael: Don't worry about Phil. He drives a corvette. He is doing just fine. Okay. Calling cards are… the wave of the future. These things sell themselves.
Ryan: Who uses calling cards anymore?
Michael: You know what? That's a nice attitude, Ryan, I'm just helping you invest in your future, my friend.
Oscar: This sounds like a get rich quick scheme.
Michael: Yes! Thank you! You will get rich quick. We all will!
Toby: Didn't you lose a lot of money on that other investment, the one from the email?
Michael: You know what, Toby? When the son of the deposed king of Nigeria emails you directly, asking for help, you help! His father ran the freaking country, okay? …Alright, so, raise your hand if you wanna get rich. [Jim and Dwight raise their hands] Alright.
Jim: No, um. How is this not a pyramid scheme?
Michael: Alright, let me explain. Again. [draws on board] Phil has recruited me and another guy. Now, we are getting three people each. The more people that get involved, the more who are investing, the more money we're all going to make. It's not a pyramid scheme, it is a… it's not even a scheme per se, it's… [Jim draws a triangle around Michael's diagram] … I have to go make a call.

Amanda De La Torre says:

Is YT legit putting health coach ads on this vid ??

Amanda De La Torre says:

Not trying to bring in more ☕️ but if you’ve heard the J Star thing where that company used inspo from his palettes to make sneakers- what you’re saying about the citations is kind of the same. You can take inspo from anywhere but u can’t PROFIT off it ??

Brookelyn Felan says:

This is more of a Rachel Hollis expose video than mlm ?

Azelyn Quinn says:

This makes me sad. I liked her stuff but now I’m second guessing it

Heather says:

I love these videos!

Lane says:

Let me just tell you something! I was raised in a cult. A religious cult that operates just like an MLM. It’s shocking that all the things we were told, and the people that died from not accepting medical treatments, and the children that were abused, and the people that were shunned for disagreeing, and it was all just a business. A shitty business! My entire childhood gone because my mother joined a religious MLM. Yearly conventions with new releases….. The more I learn about our world, the more I see that they’re gonna get you one way or another. So many traps all around us. People like you are making a difference because you’re educating people who are ignorant to these ploys. Thank you so much.

Nicole Kawa says:

Rachel Hollis gets around, she’s the keynote speaker for the Rodan + Fields convention.

Lindsay's Loves says:

Once again, you nailed it???? Keep making these videos Kylie, raising awareness to these scams/cults. Looking forward to the next one??

melody peebles says:

I Died at that part about the Chevy impala Lolll

klutzycutie says:

You should do Thrive aka LeVel. Shanann Watts the lady who was murdered by her husband Chris Watts was in it and selling it. You should talk about that company.

S Kriticos says:

Loooooo I died laughing at the Chevy Impala thing. Gold. Pure gold.

Andraste says:

Loved this. You speak so well. Hollis is good at marketing clearly. Not sure much else though. And she certainly has very little integrity.

SB W says:

I love how Rachel Hollis in her speech says Multiple times that everything these people need to know they can find on the internet for free….which should be a slap in the face for people who dropped 2Gs to be at this conveniention

Starr Tucker says:

Modern day snake oil sales people

2u2a says:

So she is about growth, getting knowledge and working hard yet she didn't go to writing class? And brags about it? How does she know she wouldn't benefit from it? And her saying that all the knowledge you need is on the internet for free is very interesting. She should be saying"don't buy my books, all the quotes from there are actually on internet, for free"

April Rahm says:

I was a Beachbody "Coach" once upon a time. And the saddest part of all of it, to me, is that the programs are great. People can really benefit from them. But, the whole culture within the business kills it for most.

Emily Miller says:

Okay wait lowkey I used to drive an impala and they have like huge engines you can really fucking go in one of those cars ?

Heather Cameron says:

I totally get what you mean that motivational speakers say so much while saying so little. So much of what she says doesn't even mean anything if you give it more than 2 seconds thought: "what got you here won't get you there." Even if that isn't her quote, it's so vague that it's meaningless. When was the last time anyone here directly applied an "inspirational" quote to their lives?

Also, how is every single seller in that audience (how many thousand are there?) expected to "out work" the rest? It reminds me of "Remember you are unique, just like everyone else!"

Miss Brooke says:

I’m glad these videos are getting traction. What you are saying is important, and I just like you. I love your style. I’m too old to say I “Stan” anyone I think. But I’m definitely not going anywhere!

Gabrielle - Eidith Owl says:

Unfortunately same thing with Teal Swan, I liked her messages but found out she plagiarized everything, even designs in artwork she's sold. It's become very cultlike sadly. I just took out the positive things I learned and stopped following that person. Plus her life story was suspicious.

Dara stg says:

Suddenly dont feel bad about pirating the insanity program. They’re great workouts for someone on the road with no gear but like HEEELL no they are never gonna get my money . Sorry Shaun T

Adrianne Rivera says:

Looks life 54 MLM people were here…
Anyway, nope I'm not giving her a pass to steal Eleanor Roosevelt's quote!

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