The financial risks of multi-level marketing businesses

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From social media pressures to meeting sales quotas, here are the various risks associated with multi-level marketing companies.
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Tiger says:

So buy or sell $EXPI?

DreamWarrior says:

social media needs to die

butterfflyess says:

i fart on social media
and im a woman

Rodrigo A says:

An industry dominated by females, I wonder where the social justice warriors are now ? Yahoo sucks !

MrAM4D3U5 says:

I seriously learned this when Amway was still popular in the mid 1990’s and I was a child, it is just social Darwinism at this point. If you are an adult who does not understand that the phrases “MLM” & “pyramid scheme” are synonymous , I find it very difficult to find any sympathy for the disappearance of your “friends & money”.

Billion Aire says:

Wow, 99% of people lose money or break even in MLM.

Bre says:

Thank you for highlighting this. MLM’s have become rampant in this pandemic.

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