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James Foxx says:

KKK, BLM what the difference?

Skin color

MR_GL00M says:

Ironically a lot of the KKK ideology seems to be reflected in a large number of Americans today.

Seems like the KKK never went away. They just rebranded.

John Meek says:

Note: In the 1920's most "people"(white or black) only went to eighth grade in school and then started working(at age 13). Sold as a "hate" group no one would want anything to do with them, sold as a racial purity group to young uneducated people many would be on board. With education comes intelligence. Not an excuse, just an observation

SmileyPotato & says:

thats shocking, yet not surprising at all

J X says:

i like tootise roll but that bad group won't stop me for eattingit i am not fan of them but i am fan of tootise roll

DiversityProductions says:

jan 14, 2021 I did get ads onthis video. does at mean it stayed montized then?

Thekingoflorda Games says:

Adds -> unskipable adds -> double adds -> unskipable double adds -> sponsors -> double sponsers… ah yes peak performance

Bubbilility says:

If incognito mode doesn't hide what I'm searching then my ISP must know how dumb I really am. I mostly use it to make sure I'm using common words correctly.

Bubbilility says:

With names like this we 100% need a vid on their history. I have heard that the KKK started as an RPG group… but I could be wrong.

Olive Garden breadsticks says:

My dad loves talking about this, he’s a fan of history and stupid stuff like that, there’s so much stupid shit, they deadass used there own paper and said ‘ oh we didn’t threaten you, it dosnt have our stamp on it ‘ they has stationary

Lisa Severance says:

Okay…I listened to a replay of an old Superman radio show where Superman takes on the KKK. (Fine I admit it I am a nerd) The KKK recruiter said he was out for the money and didn't care about the beliefs of the group, calling he creep that he recruited an idiot for actually believing that racist stuff. It never made sense to me but now it does!

Kendra Suchy says:

Can you please do MLM Monday on Juice Plus!! It’s alllll over my Facebook for the last few years. My small town has probably 8 reps 🙄. One of the people at the top or near the top in 🇨🇦 is from my hometown. She went to school to be an LPN. Our high school biology teacher recruited her a few years after we graduated. This teacher is also one of top in Canada. Imagine leaving your teaching degree to scam people 🤯. It blows my mind.

Mike Ock says:

Boy… Sure hope THAT never happens again…

Snack says:

I love your videos but please stop making your outro so fucking loud. I watch your videos at night, got good speakers and thin walls so a 120dB wave of plasticy suicide sheep style bass every 20 minutes gets really annoying after the third time. I especially dont understand why you would do this since your intros are always different and decently mixed(most of the time) but if I turn the video down to where the outro doesnt fuck me up at 4 am I cant understand you from the couch. So many youtubers do this and I just cant wrap my head around it.

Please just idk normalize the entire video after finshing it or something. You're a night owl as well by your own account so you have to understand my struggle.

Al Fiona says:

I'm sorry this isn't funny but the KKK using Candy to bribe people into joining them is just hilarious.

Pedro Antonio says:

Blm and kkk same shit different skin

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