The Problem With Multi-Level Marketing

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beau murray says:

Great video Justin this is why my partner and I left MLM companies and started our own for the same reasons you just nailed on the head and more. We spent around a year building a code that has never been done and one of the biggest things we did was cut out the B's pv / bv to earn your commission or residuals.

We built an actual real product that helps people market more effectively, and we pay out 60% of the revenue Everytime with no gotchas.

MoneyOnlineStepByStep dot com says:

Great video. With my MLM if you have 10k in sales you can make as much as $2400. Lot better than $80. Bottom line, be in MLM that has a product you are passionate about, that you would still buy even if you don't make any money from the business opportunity.

Drive secure 247 says:

Hey Justin good video Wow your buddy sells 10 k and makes 80 bucks noway he should be paid at least 3 – 5 % of the gross sales and as for pay to play it should be free or less than 50 per month keep up the good work

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