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Welcome to Multi Level Mondays, a weekly series all about multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes.

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Ali Zagame

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G. Thomas Craig

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Robert Muggeridge says:

It's it odd you said bear mace and the first thing I thought of was that weirdo who called you his blair-bear 😂

Kyle Baird says:

This is gonna be a good day
With Dunder-Mifflin and Sah-Bray

Pazzie Anne Knexx says:

Yay!! I love Honey, they really help out.

Levin Alexander Koe says:

I love the dorito head queen's videos so much. So educational

TomoGotchi says:

As someone who was harassed twice for "Not believing all women", I do shudder at MLMs like this that do manipulate people into thinking people outright NEED their products and imply inaccurately that they will become a statistic if they don't. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why people need to protect themselves and all for it, but overcharging for a shoddy product doesn't empower anyone and taking advantage of vulnerable people, it's the opposite of what they claim.

Galactic Rats says:

Only in America could you have an mlm which sells weapons and T-shirt’s about weapons and Jesus in the same sentence 😂

flowerpantss says:

i used to carry one of their kubatons on my way to school, and i ended up getting in trouble, not because it was a weapon, but because it "looks like an adult toy"

kamila wisnoe says:

So it’s wigger(uyghur) and freeberg(freiburg) but not saber(sabre)?

CallMeFreakFujiko says:

I think I got pepper-spray at Target for like, $10 or $15 before visiting New York. I never had to use it because it turns out that when there's a shit ton of people all the time that area's going to be pretty safe. (I did almost get attacked once by a dumbass pigeon almost flying into my face though.)

I did almost give it to a woman in a burka but I didn't need to. I was in the Uber with my husband and I saw the lady get grabbed by some guy and I almost jumped out with the pepper-spray but the driver just kind of waited, stared at the guy and the guy saw him and left her alone. I gave the driver a pretty big tip for that.
This doesn't have anything to do with the MLM. I just like this story.

kaze delmar says:

Ugh my friends sister got suckered into joining this mlm because of her qanon belief that biden and all democrats were kidnapping children and surely wanted to steal hers. So she uses it as a sales ploy. She forced her jobless sister to buy this over priced thing for herself and her.friends or she would be a terrible sister. She got mad when I told her I already owned pepper spray and it was a fraction of the price. I have never unfollowed someone so fast.

Diddly Dino says:

Tbh just the name sounded off putting to me it gave me a weird feeling that I get when I’m unsure about or feeling it’s bad. If they were actually trying to help I don’t think the word “empowerment” would come up. It’s sad to see that some ppl actually fall for this and if your not educated on this it can be really easy to fall. Especially when there’s cheaper better versions on Amazon and probably many videos and websites that actually teach defense if you just google it

Lana Jig-maker says:

they could try to spin it. like…"Self defense is good making sure your body is as strong as possible is too! Try these vitamins to help strengthen your immune system. Be ready for anything!"

MucuStache Is Here says:

Someone makes a fat joke, about someone else
Illuminaughtii: Gets triggered anyway, and deletes Tommy's videos

Illuminaughtii: Makes fun of someone's mental health


Tamara says:

No joke, I had a door dash employee text me a link to her DiD shop after delivering my food.

Alex Wyman says:

Fun fact. Bear spray is actually less potant than pepper spray. Because bears can smell so much better than people it takes less ppms of the active ingredients to make the bear fuck off than it does a person

IcedFire 87 says:

Just sell weapons. its more effective

Beth Abbott says:

So I bought one of these purses at a convention center event with several different booths of all kinds there. I haven't watched the video yet, but clicked just because I have never heard anyone mention this brand before.

I got a handgun when I was closing my small business at night alone and used this purse to carry it.

Shelby Stroud says:

Hi friends. PLEASE DO NOT USE STUN GUNS OR PEPPER SPRAY. USE PEPPER GEL. Stun guns are not effective and actually aren't that painful. I'm am average sized woman and they don't feel any worse than a bee sting. As for pepper spray it can blow back on you and thus hinder you. Gel will stick to your attacker and won't blow back onto you. Also the best form of self defense is to learn how to attack back if needed! Take classes:)

Grace Andyerface says:

What a lovely studio!!

Adam Pyre says:

Excited for the pink tax video!

pet the queen of maddness says:

I know that if I heard some one talking about joining an MLM I would start running

Vegan Mango Queen says:

a coworker tricked me into going to a "party" at her friends house to meet new ppl since I was new at the job and this was it smh. 1st of all this girl knew I had a CCW lic. so idk why she thot I'd want this crap. That stun gun only works when the pin Is in it which didn't seem to stay in very well at all so imagine getting it out when you need it and the pin is missing. But I did get a striking tool that can be used to break my windshield if I'm ever stuck in the car or to break someone's face but 5yrs later I've yet to need it, I do randomly get asked what that butt plug looking item on my key chain is tho which is cool

Lilo Alvarez says:

Wait, I want a “coffee Jesus and pepper spray shirt” to wear ironically 🤣🤣

lordpicklenips says:

So many self-defense groups do not have your safety in mind.

They teach bogus self defense techniques that could put both women and men in serious danger.

thatbolyengirl fan says:

In the most basic terms a stun gun is an overpowered nine volt battery shock (or a joybuzzer) but more controllable. In all reality get a proper gun if you really want to defend yourself but if you don't believe in owning a gun a stun gun is definitely a good road to go down

Rainbow Unicorn says:

The playing on the fears that "you'll become a statistic if you do/don't do something" is stupid. In this modern world, it's basically impossible to not be a number in at least one (if not numerous statistics) ever since you were born. Humans are going to constantly collect data so they can study our species, the trends we are following, and using the statistics they gather they will work to solve problems that might interfere with our survival in the future.

Yeet Haw says:

DID for short


Rina Hart says:

I'm 100% against MLMs and their trash, but I feel like I should point out that there is an ingredient list on the vitamins. They're basically snake oil capsules, again not defending them, but at least they tell us what's in there. You just click on the "supplement facts" picture

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