The Slave Circle (Direct Marketing Devil Corp. Documentary)

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Film Chapters:
Introduction 0:00:00
The Interview Process 0:02:48
Your First Day 0:12:14
Brainwashing & Mind Control 0:15:32
The Language of the Business 0:22:29
Team Leaders: The Blinded Leading the Blind 0:26:50
Selling Techniques: 1-on-1 0:33:11
Selling Techniques: Show Style 0:41:54
The Products 0:46:44
The Lie of Business Ownership 0:50:16
Following the Script: Online Reviews 0:59:45
Following the Script: Company Photos 1:05:58
Following the Script: Fair BS 1:07:32
Business as a Pyramid 1:09:31
Business as an M-L-M 1:15:08
The “C” Word 1:21:28
15 Months 1:28:19
Getting Out 1:30:57
Conclusion 1:33:56
Credits 1:36:56


Sheep Dog says:

I love all the angry robots in this comment section lol. This was a good documentary, thank you.

claudia shekundja says:

What's wrong with quick growth, people are out there with their degrees and what so ever certificates but job less so. What are the people in the video trying to prove. Mxxxm

claudia shekundja says:

Why did they give the video that title

claudia shekundja says:

This is stupid at least in this case you will be paid based on ur worth unlike in some companies were workers are doing hard labour and getting pennies as their basic salary which is not even enough to sustain their families. So to hell with your'll who put this together

Ean Steidel says:

lol what a joke. Its just sales. Sales is the most sought after skill in the world. They teach you scripts because thats all sales is, scripts and understanding psychology. love it or hate it its no scam.

african coconut says:

the most accurate documentary i have watched in my entire life, i have worked for such a company " REAL PROMOTIONS… in Johannesburg, South Africa

Zandra Brown says:

Amazing documentary, very thorough! Thank you for educating us.

J Podkalicki says:

Shut up and take my money!!!

mark richardson says:

It's a professional cult ,like Amway

Master of the Miscellaneous says:

If you're interested in this stuff, check out The Dream by Little Stitcher and Everywhere. NOT my podcast I'm saying they did a good job exposing scams similar to this

MrKittie says:

All you haters are just hating on business in general lol. I bet none of you are doing anything productive with your lives Hahahaha! What you guys work for? Target? lol i rather do Marketing..fucking cattle

Grace Eventide says:

This is so intriguing. It breaks my heart that companies are so predatory and prey on the people who need jobs the most. Makes me sick.

Patrick O'hAodha says:

You're doing fantastic work here!

Brasil sobre TUDO, Deus sobre TODOS. says:

That socialist red dress woman sounds like a liar. That said, MLM is cancer

Hauntcast says:

I worked for DS-Max/ Granton Marketing in the 90's doing residential door-to-door sales selling restaurant certificates. I did work my way into ownership after 2 years and promoted 2 owners, but within a year everything came crashing down. It's a house of cards. I never made the money promised, always worked 70 hours a week and destroyed my credit. This video brings back memories of all the BS I believed and promoted. It's definitely a cult. I those were the darkest days of my life.

eddy0991m says:

Ashley can you make more videos about anything really. Your so interesting, the way you talk about things is fascinating

Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers says:

I want red dress lady

Aislynn Carpenter says:

Went to an interview with one of these companies. The "team leader" got a call in the middle of it from another "new recruit" who had allegedky just made 2k worth of sales during his first practice call. I knew immediately that it was a setup.

Vladlen Vronsky says:

Lol Amway, for sure

Jordan Johnson says:

I would like to be contacted whoever runs this YouTube channel.

lcthevideogamer says:

Exactly like New England Team and Great Hill Consulting Group in Massachusetts

Greg Reynolds says:

Just left a “job” like this only a few hours ago. Five days I was there and this is EXACTLY how it truly was. Everything from start to finish is accurate in this video even here in the UK. I left a stable job for this. Every day I was there in the office with new people there waiting for the “opportunity”. The structure is exactly the same even the pitch and the atmosphere room. Even the photos of the leaders and managers is the same. Is this the template for every “business” like this? I find it very worrying.

Tiye Martin says:

I work in this business and I’d like to be interviewed if possible

Lame Cece says:

A red flag for me is when I asked a coworker that was working his way to team leader if he had signed up his family for anything we were pitching and he said no. Idk it was something about his expression…. They also word things weird to make you feel like you’re really helping the customers… really you’re just heavily persuading them to buy crap they didn’t want or need.

Evelina Vaičiūtė says:

Someone should do a similar movie about situation in UK. There are many companies like this here.

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