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Welcome to Multi Level Mondays, a weekly series all about multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes.

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Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi says:

When you wear glasses is it a monocle or glases?

amittai aharoni says:

Im from Israel and when I served there in the army, 5 years ago, world venture infiltrated deep. This was just sick. Soldiers in mandatory service earn roughly 160pounds a month. So to persuade these people to throw their salaries on world venture…

Syasia Williams says:

I almost got sucked into this mlm my freshman year of college. Thank God I dipped as soon as I realized

randomizer1666 says:

Dresses like Wayne Newton, acts like Ted Nugent, name Wayne Nugent… Appropriate…

Sahdin Lever says:

A pyramid head explaining pyramid scheme companies. Is this pyramid blasphemy or just a duck move.

Lol still love this channel

Ana Pokora says:

I got caught up in this piece of crap back in college (2013), long story short; friend from high school gives me the travel sales pitch, I wanted to travel at the time and of course signed up. The minute my payment went through she tells me that she is officially dropping out but thinks i can do it because i have the "right personality". I had no idea what to do, her ex managed to find me online before i could drop out. Convinces me to fly to Denver for a training. Training was a complete garbage, you don't even learn crap they just keep taking breaks every 20 minutes or so to encourage you to buy "training material". I left with the most sour taste after meeting the person above me who said "i dont even know you and i was making money off of you". I immediately canceled once I flew back home. And the discounted trips are bs. I booked my first cruise shortly after and it was cheaper and the cruise's website than theirs. Thank you so much for this video!!! These pyramids need to be stopped. (I was probably in this for 3-months)

Callum Sanders says:

"Make money off other people"
That sentence even when used innocently does not sound good.

krowely says:

Could you look into Epicure in a future video?! They’ve been a MLM in Canada for 20 years and they recently expanded into America. My aunt and grandma got pulled in and now they badger everyone in the family to buy monthly packages and send epicure spices as Christmas gifts. It seems like they’re really under the radar too because when I look them up I never see any criticism of them, just other epicure workers saying how to join.


I saw this video recommended to me 2 days ago but now youtube tells me it came out tomorrow whats going on

Ashani Nath says:

Hii, can you do Herbal Life plz? My mom is caught up in it and i need some good videos to show her

Doug Loremaster says:

As a 32-year-old man, who grew up in a family of active duty veterans from all branches (My grandpa Vernon fought in WW2, Vietnam and Korea in the US Army. My dad, desert storm and shield as a tech sergeant for the US Airforce, My other grandpa Dutcher was a Navy Cob of a submarine, my grandma's both nurses to my grandpas and treated their wounds on the front lines.) this so-called marine is a disgrace. Veteran or not, that man makes me sick to hear him use his status as a former marine veteran (thank you for your sacrifice) to make quick money in a MLM.

The Beauty Graduate says:

I lost one of my best friends to this MLM. She was delusional and even took money from a mutual friend for the MLM.

Titus Nixon says:

Don't get involved with World Venture it's a scam I lost a lot of money from this Venture, take it from my experience you can do better on your own they just take your money and the Pandemic made worst. Stay away from these folks

Cortez Films says:

Have you heard of Yor health? I think they may be a pyramid scheme as well.

Joy says:

PHP agency, the founder is railing against the minimum wage raise while running a MLM.

Heaps of Cosplay says:

Have you ever done a look into Dave Ramsey? Maybe he's legit, but everyone I know who follows his "rules" never seem to pull themselves out of debt.

Cida Sanctus says:

Oh! I went to one of their meetings! A friend brought me for some reason. He seemed somewhat interested in it, but I think he brought me along to gauge how I felt about it. The meeting really felt like it was for an MLM but I couldn't quite fully justify it being one at the time. It looked like a weird way to pool money together to go on vacations using some MLM methods based on what I saw and heard in the meeting

Chemdawg2009 says:

As a retired Soldier and someone who got the sales pitch for this particular MLM, I find this guy’s shameless injection of military leadership and values, parroted by those in the down line, beyond insulting. Needless to say, I didn’t join and pointed out my experience as an Army recruiter as a reason why 99.9% of the people who join such MLMs fail. Recruiting is designed to find qualified talent to replace or enhance qualified talent in a company or organization. MLM recruiting is about finding enough suckers to fleece to keep the top tier in the MLM enriched. Period.

The “product” or “service” the MLM is based around is almost always overpriced or hard to utilize.

Rover Dover says:

I wonder what World Ventures is doing now with all international travel shut down for the last year. I mean, certainly no one would join a travel MLM will all travel shut down. I am really curious what happened to them in 2020.

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