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Grant Cardone tells the whole truth about Network Marketing!

Network Marketing and Multilevel Marketing


emmy jay says:

Cedric is the beast !

Wezi Sunkutu says:

GC is trying to tap into the network marketing industry by making products which can be used by them, not necessarily as a network marketer. Smark guy, I can see that.

Wezi Sunkutu says:

Love the content, thank you GC for having Cedrick Harris share some MLM love.

TheAsianGunster says:

So is network marketing and Multi level marketing the same thing or what?

Neeraj Kumbhkar says:

I am following grant and decided to jump into network marketing what is name of other guy? can someone write please thanks

Oliver Khoo says:

what is his name again? Seth..?

Laura Byers says:

Just signed up yesterday for at least my sixth attempt at an MLM. Wouldn't have done it without listening to GC! After 3 weeks of watching/listening to an hour a day about closing deals, I finally signed on to the opportunity. THEN found this video! Total validation that it was the right thing to do! I am terrified ? and superpumped all at the same time! #superpumped

Pete Kapinos says:

More great content !

Oliver Khoo says:

A little teaser become a full video.

Poker Savage says:

that guy is me by the way.

Poker Savage says:

how about interviewing an ex homeless entrepreneur who was on drugs and considered a dead beat dad? who now owns 2 businesses, takes care and has custody of all 3 of his kids. also has employees that are paying there bills.

Rubenson Beauvais says:

Eyes wide open. I need to go harder. Great interview.

Robert J Owens says:

Great interview

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