The Truth Behind R+F (Rodan + Fields MLM)

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Ali Zagame


Outro song is Cake by Retrovision

You made it all the way to the bottom of my description box so, hello there.


Sarah Beth says:

Love your vids!! Can you make one on Paparazzi?

Celby Dueck says:

Would you do seacret? I have seacret hun bots in my home town.

Aiden ________________________ says:

Rodan + Fields sounds like a PMC that was accused of using chemical weapons

Dennis Mason says:

I experienced acne vulgaris from 1967 to 1990. Proactive showed infomercials on late night t.v. in the late 80s and I saved up for one of their products. I was sold but I couldn't afford the whole treatment. I felt deprived. Guess I was wrong.

Gray Taylor says:

I cant believe nobody’s favorite kaiju started an mlm

EviePontecorvo says:

I'm sorry, but self regulatory? What? How? Why?

Simone Hall says:

I used the lash thing while my mom was in this mlm, it did make my lashes long it also made them fall out super fast, after I stopped I had gaps in my lash line from the missing lashes

pleuvonics says:

I’ve hated this company since I was a teen back in the 00’s when Proactiv just took my moms money and made my acne worse.

Alexius Ossewaarde says:

Please I need your help an Herbalife Drink shop opened up in my small town and they are starting to spread all over my state. They don't tell you its herbalife. Its ridiculously expensive and tastes like garbage please I need your help.

Robin Elloway says:

Listening to the MLM Mondays playlist while designing my blind rogue character. Wonderful to fill the quiet of filling out D&D papers.

Hunny Succcle says:

I got an ad for revitalash on this vid omg

Arella17 says:

Before I was fired for refusing to make racist posters, one of the board members at my previous job was an R+F ref and she was not only permitted to shill her shit at the center, but she and her MLM buddies would get free booths and first pick for any senior related events.

I submitted an article for our newsletter about the dangers of Multilevel Marketing schemes, and the boss completely vetoed it to protect these bastards.

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