This MLM Skincare Must Be Stopped – What Nobody Else Will Tell You

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A Warning About Monat – What Nobody Else Will Tell You
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B P says:

I was once suckered by my old hairdresser into buying Monat years ago and I was completely scammed into paying for 3 months worth.. It didn't burn my scalp but it was basically as helpful as a dollar store shampoo. 🤷🏼‍♀

amourdelalune says:

PLEASE talk about Rodan + Fields!!! Pleaseeeee!

S Williams says:

Okay, I haven’t even watched this video yet, I’m on the ads. BUT I watched a documentary last week on BBC iPlayer (a UK streaming service) called Secrets of The Multi-level Millionaires by Ellie Flynn, and my GOSH. There was this girl on my Facebook, she was like a virus (sorry not sorry) because she was friends with EVERYONE and my feed was filled with super positive love yourself be free take this opportunity travel the world like me bullshit. (In the documentary the training said to portray a really happy stress free life to reel people in and make people jealous of your life, making them more likely to want to fall for your recruitment pitch). She sent me a message once saying ‘hey hunni, how are you?xx’ and I thought she was being nice (she did try to recruit me but I wasn’t interested). Anyway! On the documentary I watched it showed that these people have a SCRIPT when it comes to recruiting people to be their minions, and the first rule is approach people online with ‘hey hunni how are you?x’


I felt a little creeped out. It’s just soooo manipulative and reeks of agenda. Anyway, story time over lol

AND (edit): it said on the documentary (Ellie Flynn goes undercover and actually ALLOWS herself to be recruited and trained, all undercover with hidden cameras) that in order to recruit loads and loads of people (where the ‘big’ money is) you have to seek out peoples weaknesses and insecurities. An example the trainer for Nuskin (another mlm company) said would be to scroll through your Facebooks and look for an ‘entry’ in. Such as ‘oh this persons complaining about their job – perfect for me you to swoop in with an opportunity of a LiFeTiMe. Or oh this person would really love a holiday, or this woman says she can’t find a balance between being a full time mother and a full time worker – PERFECT LET ME GET MY SLEAZY MARKETING VOICE SWITCHED ON. I remember posting a lot of depression and anxiety posts around then because I was unhappy, and I wonder if that’s why she tried to recruit me.

Also these MLM’s dont like their employees to speak badly about the brand, because if they spoke to eachOTHER, and realised neither of them had made any money, then these MLM’s would start losing people by the thousand. They also encourage you to cut out negative people… EVEN IF THEY’RE FAMILY. Seriously. Your sister doesn’t like that you’re part of this? Cut her the F out.
Haven’t even watched Cassandra’s video yet. But I’m excited 😈😅

Toni Bravo says:

You’re not slick with your subliminal messages Cassandra! We’re aware you’ve joined the Illuminati!!!

Savannah lair says:

My favorite are The health and wellness ones that act like their products are going to cure your auto immune diseases. I have lupus and RA. I can’t even count how many messages I’ve gotten saying their products will cure me. Like tf There is no cure 😂😂😂

Ashley N says:

I had a friend selling Monat & asked for a sample. Just O N E use dried out my hair & damaged parts of it. It took me a week or two to redistribute moisture & took even longer to mend those damaged pieces.

Stephanie D says:

Thanks soo much for this video I pray mlm's will be stopped once and for all

Yikko says:

There are so many companies like this. Unfortunately, I know family members involved in them.

Joseph Petrongelli says:

2:35 when they call the business a family you know they’re fucking you

Gabrielle Brown says:

They call themselves professional friends makers

Karen Garcia says:

I’m a NEW viewer on your channel ! thank you for been raw and honest love it !

Pamela B says:

I’d like to see a video on the quality of Mary Kay skin care. I signed up with them years ago just so I could get the product at 50%. Lol. I really did like their products. I left a couple years ago because I just didn’t use enough to justify the expense. I love their moisturizer.

lissavlogsit says:

WOW! I'M SO HAPPY watching you till the end, I'm vey happy to see someone making a difference and actually doing the research for everyone else! Thank you so much for this! Continue doing what you do! I feel so inspired! <3

wendy gloria says:

Can you talk about Nuskin products ? I’ve worked at their headquarters and I loved it. I got to try the products and the company was one of the best to work for. They are an MLM company however I worked for the company directly. I didn’t feel like they were scamming.

Léa Harvey says:

Please do a video about Mary Kay. They try so hard to make you think they are legit… They Say it was for empowering women at a Time when women were only at home , feminism , etc. I want to know the truth since I have bought some products from this Brand

Melissa Turcotte says:

"Alleged so I don't get sued" 😂😂

RaynaDae says:

I've used their hair care stuff for like 2 yrs. Love it and it saved my hair. I stock up during flash sales so I've never had the auto-ship thing happen. Never tried the skin care nor will I ever. I live by the Ordinary.

Amanda Andino says:

Keep talking about skin care but don’t attack companies or talk about something you are not sure of . I love your videos by the way and I always take your comments in consideration for my acne . By the way I’m a herbalife coach , I have been 2 years and because of hard work sometimes I make more than my up-line in other words is not a pyramid . I don’t like to make this type of comment yeah

Amanda Andino says:

I’m not a Monat entrepreneur but I’m against that you call MLM pyramid when maybe you don’t know how the MLM operates. If the product is bad or whatever in that you are the expert but I’m a herbalife coach and you are the one making false claims

Vishvollo says:

93 "successful women" from Monat cult disliked this video.

Hayley LaBelle says:

“Anti vaxer that doesn’t wear a mask”. Careful, your liberal is showing. That bought you an UNSUBSCRIBE.

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