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Hey everyone!
Well we are here and we are back for another Anti-MLM video! I hope you guys like it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

(My username is too long so RFSarcastic it is then)

FTC website about MLM’s and Pyramid Schemes:

Disclaimer: Any individual(s) seen in this video are used as examples of why the MLM in question has a poor business structure.
It is the MLM business model that is the problem.
please do not search for or send hate to anyone seen in this video

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Martina Matejas says:

28:30 but, she had a business masters degree, and she didn't know what to do for customer service??? what did they teach her there? This is NOT good PR for that business school 😁

Jordan Hass says:

$800 a month is so sad.. I don’t understand her bragging about that. That is not enticing to me whatsoever. I feel like MLMs try to target nurses a lot since we usually have 3 days on, 4 days off but if I wanted an extra $800 a month I could just go pick up 2 shifts ☠️

Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen says:

1:22 unglaublich

Wombat Numbat says:

You are so informative, you make sound arguments, and you are nice to listen to! Question – have you ever been able to revisit / find some of these huns later to find out if they are still involved in the mlm? I wonder how many of them eventually drop out when they realize they are not actually making good money. (they keep saying they can become millionaires – do they actually believe that or is it just part of their con? If they really think it's possible to earn 100K a year, they are in for a rude awakening.)

Cassy Hatch says:

I use baby powder and I just started using not your mothers brand. I said it right as you were saying it because I just felt that’s where you were going with it 🤣

David Preston says:

Ok, what I will say in Monat’s favour is that it’s really nice to see a Median Income, as well as the average income on an income disclosure statement.

Admittedly I expected the median to be lower across the board, so maybe they’re just doing it as it looks better than the other MLMs, but it’s still rough, and shows how unrealistic the high gross earnings are.

Annamarie Fella says:

I use L’ange dry shampoo. It works just fine for me.

Lorie LovesBooks says:

I haven't found a dry shampoo I like, so I use wet shampoo, problem solved.

Itallaboutwatithink says:

I love how you always end their conversation with, bye Monat lady… please don't change it. 🥰❤

Andi Ward says:

100% 0% does not add up, sis. The state of education is bad but this bich can't have made it through a master's this clueless.

I mean, obviously they escalate their accomplishments across the board but, Holy Wow!

Kendra Schwitter says:

Did she just say, "No, girlfriend," to her grandma? :O

Elizabeth says:

Uhhhmm… "harder than grad school" and then "$800 off the bat, easy"…. so which is it, Monat lady?

Jolene Carney says:

That one girl keeps using the term residual income, but clearly she has the wrong idea of what residual income actually is.

Taylor Vogels says:

Don’t get me wrong, if you have several streams of income, then by all means go for it! I’m all for making some extra money, especially in times where one stream of income might not cover everything or just want a little extra fun money. What I do find interesting is the type of jobs this girl has, being a salon owner and real estate takes a lot of time in itself, then adding this on top of that where it takes a lot more than just one or two hours a day, to me that would be the opposite of “freedom” that they love to talk about. To an extent I get it, but at the same time that’s a lot to take on and I feel like I would never have time to just chill. I hope this makes sense and again, I’m not bashing having more than one stream of income because I’ve had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet and I didn’t have freedom at the time to just chill. I made that sacrifice for a little bit then I felt free once I could make it beyond just ends meet and that could be why she has so more than one, but this is just not the way to add to that with all that we know about mlms.

Jasmine says:

I just got in the car from getting groceries. I can't wait until I get home. I'm listening to it on the way!! Love your videos 💜. Came for the amber reacts, stayed for you!

TempestPhaedra says:

re: dry shampoo, my first thought was Not Your Mother's as well. Batiste gives a good effect too but sometimes gives me an unbearably itchy scalp

Ja Ga says:

I just wanted to say you’re super adorable 🥰

olena faerie says:

yay !!! love your videos, In your last video you mentioned a girl with BPD, i have BPD as well and i need to thank you for not spreading misinformation and stigma about it like 90% of people do, people claim bpd make people abusive when in reality bpd stems from abuse and childhood trauma. also !!!!!! i stopped using monat after watching your videos, im still friends with the girl who got me into it, ive asked to be taken off because its just too much money and i don't find the products good, she said we can "wait" till i have money (im not working due to my ed and BPD , i should be back to teaching next year,, yay) and that when i do we can try new products for me. she just puts off my monthly products so i dont get charged and sent anything but i know im still part of the monat v.i.p.. does anyone have any advice for me , this is a good friend who is helping me with my ed and bpd and even with my attempt a week ago she was supportive pof it, because of my bpd friendships are hard for me to find and maintain, so this is a situation where i see abandonment , which gives me alot of anxiety. ive been trying to figure out for months what to do .

Jill E says:

When you reiterated: “and for only $200, you get to try these products! What a great deal!”, I just LOLed. 😂😂😂

Brenan Weidmer says:

Of course MLMs "love women." Women (along with vulnerable individuals, such as abuse victims and cancer patients, etc.) are the primary demographic MLMs target. They're not "empowering" us, they're targeting us.

Alexandra K says:

If my hairdresser peddled monat or tried to use it on me I would get up and leave

coffeeblood_ says:

Im obsessed with watching these team call vids

owotlarx says:

That future attorney should know better. If she doesn't know better, look out for another ambulance chasing scummy lawyer. I find her especially disappointing. Having any insight into law makes you assume she chose to do this because she knows it's a scam and she can come out on top.

Angela Nichols says:

Maybe her grandma is older and wiser and tried to tell her that she was wasting her time in a scam.

Jalael Edwards says:

I haven’t watched your videos in a while it’s great to see that your doing well. MLM is so interesting and I love your commentary.

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